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Making the Leap from VP to the C-Suite

CRO Accelerator

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I can’t recommend this material - or working with Warren as an advisor - highly enough.

Evan Rutchik
CRO Accelerator

Level up your skills

The CRO role is booming in popularity, and it's time to secure your seat at the table. Put yourself ahead of the pack with the CRO Accelerator.

This 10-week course is designed for marketing and sales professionals with 5+ years leadership experience. It fast-tracks you to a revenue leadership role, ensuring you are confident and successful from the moment your feet are under the desk.

Graduating CRO-ready from this course, you will be competent in high-impact revenue transformation, growth strategies for B2B, and have a repeatable blueprint for success.


The Outcomes

After completing the CRO Accelerator course, you will:

  • Be a certifiied professional Chief Revenue Officer
  • Know the scope of every aspect of the CRO role and revenue portfolio.
  • Have experience as analysing, designing, and presenting real-world revenue blueprint recommendations.
  • Understand your current CRO maturity, knowledge, skills, and competencies, know how to keep building these.
  • Identify common risks and challenges, and be able to mitigate them.
  • Position yourself as CRO-ready in the market.

The How

This course is delivered weekly via Zoom to an intimate cohort. These hour long sessions balance dedicated individual attention against the power of the hivemind.

During weeks one to five facilitator Warren Zenna shares the strategies, practices, and wisdom essential to high performing CROs.

From weeks six to ten, you bed down this knowledge by applying it. Starting with case studies, the course culminates with you presenting your blueprint recommendations to the executives and/or board of a real-world company.

Throughout the course you can also chat 24/7 with other members of the cohort in the exclusive online community, and reach Warren via text or email for additional 1-1 support.


How it's delivered

Group Learning Sessions


Capstone Project

Exclusive Community Portal


What is delivered

Week 1: Course Overview

Meet your facilitator Warren Zenna and the other members of your cohort. You'll explore exactly what to expect over the next 10 weeks and where the course promises to leave you by the end.

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Week 2: So, You Want To Be A CRO?

In week 2 you'll explore every last facet of the CRO role. What's expected, why it's critical, the responsibilities, and how to tell the difference between what you feel executives ask for and what they really want.

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Week 3: What Makes A 'Good' CRO?

Learn about the 8 competencies of a CRO and explore the difference CRO profiles. Identify what type of CRO you might need or want to be. You'll also do an assessment this week to find out your CRO Readiness Score.

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Week 4: Intro To The CRO Blueprint

This week we focus on operationalising the CRO role. We dive into the best practices for designing or improving your revenue hierarchy, roles, and model.

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Week 5: Develop The Right Strategy

This week we look at revenue strategy gold standards, touching on the flywheel, culture, marketing, sales, and customer success. With this you will be equipped to set up revenue teams to work together cohesively.

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Week 6: Incubator Case Studies

Now we've crossed the mid-point of the course, it's time to start applying our knowledge. This week, we explore various case studies as a group to understand the current position and identify ways to tune their blueprint toward their goals.

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Week 7: Tailoring The Blueprint

This week you'll split into groups of three and meet the real-world high growth company you'll be advising. For the remainder of the course your focus will be on applying the skills you have learned to help refine or redesign their blueprint.

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Week 8: Prepare Recommendations

Having had a week to reflect on the current blueprint your company is using, this week you and your team will disect the current approach and build out your recommendations.

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Week 9: Rehearsal

This week each team will rehearse the 10 minute presentation they'll be making to their company next week. It's valuable time to test, perfect, get feedback, and consider the strategies of the other teams.

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Week 10: The Presentation

This week we are rejoined by the high-growth company, as each team provides a 10 minute presentation of their recommendations. This will be followed by a group discussion and feedback from the companies.

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what's included

Your $5,000 USD fees.

  • 10 week program.
  • 4 week capstone project.
  • 10 x 1 hour weekly workshops
  • Workbook and weekly goal setting.
  • CRO Maturity Assessment.
  • 1-1 support from facilitator as needed.
  • Certification as a Professional Chief Revenue Officer (+ certificate + LinkedIn profile badge).
  • 1 year access to the exclusive CRO Community.
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