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Create certainty in your sales business, learn what it feels like to win big doing what you love, enjoy financial freedom as a result of following simple daily sales disciplines.

Chris Muddell worked as an accountant and financial planner in corporate roles in large Australian banking institutions until one day, he lost all motivation to wake up and go to work. He quit his corporate role, his career, and his qualifications to enter a start up business at the time (Employsure) as the 10th Employee in the company, in his first sales role.

Why sales? Sales, public speaking (and socialising in general) was his biggest fear from childhood. Chris hoped that in his heart of hearts, facing this fear would be a way to cure all of his pain, depression and lack of motivation in his life. Chris had to self-learn how to sell, self generate his own clients, sell a product which no one had ever heard of, in an industry which did not exist in Australia.

He considers what happened next as nothing short of a miracle; in year one he wrote $1,000,000 in new business revenue, then 2M, then 3M per year. He became the best sales person in the company, made his first $1,000,000 in commissions via selling, and is currently enjoying financial and life freedom though the career of selling.

Employsure today, is the fastest growing company in Australia, employing more than 800 staff across ANZ, and Chris remains as one of the top representatives in a field of more than 100 BDM's. Several of his sales initiatives, programs and solutions are still used within the company today, and has remained a high performance coach to an array of team members.

Chris remains working in sales roles to this day to further sharpen his craft to attain his personal goal of becoming the best sales person in the world. Chris's coaching programs 'Sales Athlete' and 'SME Sales Coach' are powered by Sales IQ Global and he looks forward to helping you reach your most important goals.

Areas of expertise

  • Doubling income through sales
  • Doubling sales results
  • Becoming a number 1 sales representative
  • Achieving BDM of the year
  • Transitioning from corporate role into high income earning sales pro
  • Securing 150 new business clients in first 12 months of selling
  • Building your sales from $0 to $3,000,000 in revenue, without paid leads
  • 2X any part of your sales business with ease
  • Invoice >$3,000,000 per year of sales revenue, consistently
  • Engaging more than 100 referral clients in one year
  • Making your first $1,000,000 in sales commissions
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