Montreal, Canada

Denis Champagne

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From the early 80s to today, Denis has ventured and trained over 1000 agents in his own company and with other clients’ teams.

He has always focused on staying on the cusp of learning quickly from the best of breed and executing by showing the example every day with his staff and for his clients

He integrates his Old School sales success education and training and combined it with New school methods/approaches using and leveraging technology to optimize scalability for sales persons and teams.

As a former pro athlete, coach and elite Master athlete, Denis understands the difference between exercise and real-life training for his clients.

His B2B prospecting philosophy is based in humanism which prioritizes Value Creation. This means to begin and end with the unlimited potential of the Person which is at the center of it all and benefits for all involved.

His career spans many industries and vertical from aviation, technology, CPG, energy efficiency, Business intelligence, ICT, automation services, manufacturing, finance and insurance, mining, healthcare, security, real estate, transport and logistics, construction and product management to name just a few.

Denis believes that the weakest link in most sales organization is Consistent Prospecting. He has found that most salespeople lack the consistency, courage, confidence and eloquence to prospect effectively because they lack the know-how, the activity knowledge and the stead fast discipline and practice. Ultimately like sports, Selling is a Performance based activity and Achieving Excellence  is the non negotiable standard for Denis. He knows that in both sports and sales as he lived,  a caring coach or mentor makes the difference.

‍He is married and speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Areas of expertise

  • B2B C Suite Prospecting Coaching and Training
  • Outbound and Inbound Pipeline Creation
  • Sales enablement facilitation
  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Sales & CRM Management
  • Sales Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Solution Selling
  • Find, Win, and Grow Customers
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