Episode 59:

Developing Your Business, with Mark Wright

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This week we are joined by Mark Wright on the Sales IQ Podcast. Mike is a sales genius and the owner of 'Climb Online' A results-driven digital marketing agency. This week Mark and Luigi discuss all things sales and offer you some times on what to do when facing a pandemic and ensuring that your business continues to grow.

Where you can find Mark:




[04:45] - Mark's journey into the world of selling

[10:30] - Building a business with Lord Sugar

[13:20] - The model used to run Mark's business

[17:30] - Ensuring growth throughout the pandemic

[23:20] - The importance of an omni-channel approach

[27:20] - Advice for you to #bethebestyoucanbe

[32:10] - Biggest influence in Mark's career

[33:30] - A strategy you should use for success

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