Episode 1:

Are We Starting With The Right Prospects? with Mark Hunter

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This week we speak to Mark Hunter, one of the key influencers within the sales industry about his views on prospecting. Being both an author and award-winning key note speaker, the Sales Hunter has both the experience and knowledge to help us as salespeople achieve more and strive to be the best sales professionals we can be.

We here at Sales IQ, strongly support Mark’s philosophies and beliefs which he shares in his blog posts and books; ‘High-Profit Prospecting’ and ‘High-Profit Selling’.

Below are a few places you can visit to find more about Mark:

Time Stamps:

[01:10] – Mark tells us a bit about himself and what motivated him to move into sales
[04:10] – Mark’s understanding and thoughts on prospecting and what it means in today’s world
[08:20] – Defining your target market and understating the need for research
[10:40] – The shower example
[13:00] – The 6 prospecting myths
[20:20] – Is sales a science or art?
[27:00] – What do we have to do to fill our pipeline and when should we expect to see results?
[30:30] – The need for senior sales people to prospect
[34:10] – Do not be afraid of the top salesperson taking your business
[37:10] – What we shouldn’t do when prospecting
[40:30] – The need for passion and openness as a person within the sales industry

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