Episode 10:

Starting Conversations With People You Don’t Know with Marylou Tyler

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Understanding your company’s target market is vital to a sales professional and the best way to do this is to create ideal buyer personas for your organisation. Knowing the personas is key to opening your funnel, increasing your pipelines flow and having a healthy relationship with both your prospects and clients.

This week, prospecting and persona expert Marylou Tyler joins the podcast to discuss prospecting and the importance of creating the ideal personas within your target market so that you, as a sales professional can better understand the needs of your prospects and what you can do to lead them towards a meeting or sale.

Having spent the last 30 years perfecting lead generation for top-of-funnel business development, Marylou knows how important the personas you use are in sales and marketing and with the knowledge she shares with us, we can take another step forward in our sales careers.

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[01:00] – How Marylou got into sales
[03:10] – At the time when Marylou got into sales, what were her perceptions around it?
[04:40] – What were some of the things which Marylou had to do when she first got into sales
[07:10] – How did Marylou start to learn about the sales process and skills needed in sales today?
[08:06] – What were Mary’s inspirations for writing her books
[10:23] – What is Mary’s definition of prospecting
[11:25] – Marylou talks about account-based development
[14:40] – The importance of creating an ideal account profile and a guide to building it
[17:50] – Do we create a single persona or multiple personas for accounts that we are targeting
[21:00] – Why you should map out your touch-points with your prospects
[22:29] – What type of account and what size in revenue should we be using this tactic with
[24:37] – What are some strategies we can employ to start the engagement process
[26:45] – The most consistent touch-point that you can use to reach your prospects
[28:55] – How can we lead our prospect into the first contact?
[31:18] – What to do when the customer isn't impacted by your marketing
[33:45] – Is cold calling still effective?

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