Episode 16:

Sales Enablement: Driving Success with Tamara Schenk

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This week Tamara Schenk joins the podcast. She is an author, keynote speaker and Sales Enablement Evangelist who has a strong belief in helping everyone to become the best salespeople they can be (yes…just like us!). This week we discuss some of the reports which Tamara has created and the impact her research will have on the world of sales.

Places you can find Tamara:


[01:10] – Tamara explains how she got into sales and sales enablement
[07:10] – The struggles of implementing a sales enablement strategy into a company
[10:50] – Tamara explains her definition of sales enablement
[13:25] – Luigi and Tamara discuss some of the key learnings you will get from reading her reports
[17:35] – Tamara talks about sales methodology and whether it is applied in the real world
[20:35] – If you don’t have a sales function…this is what you should be doing right now
[25:40] – What happens when you process plateaus?
[27:48] – How important is C-level executive buy-in for enablement strategies?
[31:50] – Enablement services available for salespeople to use
[34:00] – Do sales teams who have coaches achieve more?
[36:24] – What you can do to help you to become a better salesperson
[41:05] – Sales: an art or a science?
[43:02] – What Tamara would do differently if she had her time again
[46:30] – Places you can find Tamara

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