Episode 2:

Authenticity Is Not Optional with Larry Levine

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Larry Levine doesn’t just talk the talk, using his real-world experience in B2B sales and learning by trial and error how to maximise social platforms, Larry walks the walk and has a genuine aspiration to help sales people sell more. International best-selling author of Selling From the Heart and co-host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast, Larry joins us to share how authenticity is vital for a sales professional, setting you apart from the “empty suit sales person” and helping you become a sales professional who is as a leader in the workplace and industry.  

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Time Stamps:

[01:00] – Larry introduces himself and shares how he started in sales.
[05:20] – Getting ‘schooled’ by a CEO.
[09:58] – Larry’s definition of a sales professional and the differences between a sales professional and sales representative.
[14:20] – Mistakes sales professionals make in the industry.
[15:50] – Larry discuss the importance and meaning of value.
[17:00] – The concept of the empty suit sales person.
[19:50] – Larry’s inspirations for writing ‘Selling From the Heart’.
[24:15] – The core of selling, the fundamentals are critical.
[25:20] – Advice for empty suit sales people who want to change.  
[29:15] – Larry asks a question to those who don’t do the fundamentals.
[30:00] – Comparing sales representatives and sporting professionals.  
[34:40] – Larry’s response to the Debbie Downers.
[35:40] – Luigi speaks about a new goal.
[36:20] – How do we hit our targets while staying authentic?
[38:08] – Larry’s sales training methods.
[42:30] – How we can build a relationship funnel through digital presence and still add value?
[47:20] – The Biggest Influences in Larry’s Career.
[51:00] – Some places you can find Larry.

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