Episode 26:

How To Differentiate Yourself And Future Proof Your Career, with Anita Nielsen

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Sales isn’t just about making a transaction… It’s about you helping a person to achieve success through their company. This week Luigi and special guest Anita Niellsen tackle the topic of automation in the workplace and what you should be doing to ‘beat the bots’ and continue to have a successful career in sales.

Having worked in B2B sales enablement and support for over 20 years Anita is an expert who’s knowledge of the sales industry could be pivotal in your career. With the recent release of her book ‘Beat the bots’ being an important topic in this week’s podcast we suggest you buy it and think about what you could be doing right now in the sales war against the Bots.

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[02:10] – Luigi introduces Anita and this week’s topic
[03:15] – Anita journey into the world of sales
[05:00] – The motivation to write ‘Beat the Bots’
[07:10] – Leisure suit Larry. (What the!?)
[09:20] – Combatting the challenge of being redundant as a sales professional
[11:20] – The answer to the question “What the hell does value mean!?”
[17:25] – What you should start doing right now to create personalised value and lose that slimy perception.
[23:40] – How you become a raging advocate for your client
[26:00] – Why you should be an advocate for your client
[34:10] – The benefits of AI in the sales industry when paired with a human interaction
[34:40] – The need for people and heart while working in sales
[38:00] – Anita’s surprising answer to whether sales is a science or art
[38:40] – Biggest influence in Anita’s career
[39:50] – One thing Anita would have done differently

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