Episode 27:

The Truth Behind Sales Enablement, with George Brontén

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Strap yourselves in for an awesome episode featuring special guest, CEO and founder of Membrain.com – George Brontén!! This week Luigi and George discuss the creation of Membrain as well the key learnings from his time in Sales. Get your pens ready because there are a heap of nuggets in this episode for you to discover.

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[02:10] – George introduces himself and shares his journey into sales
[04:30] – George’s early wins and learnings before founding Membrain
[11:00] – Competing with the big brands (Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce)
[15:10] – Key learnings with George
[18:00] – Sales and automation: George and Luigi discuss the future of sales
[23:55] – What you should be doing to ensure you have a job in the next 2-5 years
[28:20] – George’s definition of sales enablement
[32:25] – The makings of a world class sales team
[39:00] – George recommends a book written by a surgeon (what-the?)
[43:20] – What good coaching should look like
[47:40] – What you can do to build confidence in your career
[52:30] – Sales Professionals… are they born or made?
[54:02] – (You know what time it is) Sales: A science or an art?
[54:20] – Biggest influence in George’s career
[55:20] – One thing George would have done differently

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