Episode 28:

How To Lead World Class Sales People, with Deb Calvert

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Hope you guys are ready for another awesome episode of the Sales IQ Podcast. Man what an episode! so many nuggets right there for you to extract. This week we welcome Deb Calvert to the podcast as we discuss the different ways that you can “Stop Selling and Start Leading.”

Pay close attention to what Deb says… With over 15 years of Sales experience she is definitely a Sales Professional you should be paying attention to and if you get the chance read her book!! It will definitely be something that you will be re-reading it… I know I have been!!

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[03:25] – How Deb got into sales
[04:45]– The reason why Deb loves sales
[05:27]– The inspiration for ‘Stop Selling and Start Leading’
[07:00] – The importance of the value system
[09:10] – Why do people keep using these unethical strategies?
[12:10] – What you should be doing if you don’t fully know your buyer’s needs
[14:02] – Helping your team to overcome fear and move forward
[14:40]– Applying that mindset to the buying process
[17:25] – How to resolve a conflict of values between a salesperson and a buyer with a real life example
[22:00] – So you’re executing your values… now this is how you find your voice
[26:00] – The difference between a top performer and your regular empty suit sales person
[33:20] – 3 steps to accomplish your goals with your buyer
[37:50] – The biggest influence in Deb’s career
[42:05] – One thing that Deb would do differently

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