Episode 29:

How To Get A "NO" So You Can Get A "YES", with Andrea Waltz

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This week Andrea Waltz joins the podcast to discuss the reasons that your target shouldn’t be to meet a quota of yes’… But rather to get up to 15 No’s… Crazy right??? Make sure you have your pen and paper ready as we explore the ideology behind ‘going for the no’ and help you look at different ways that you can increase your sales ability.

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this topic and how you are going to implement them into your day-to-day strategies.

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[02:30] – Andrea introduces herself and how she got into sales
[04:55] – The reason why we fear the ‘No’
[07:15] – The struggle to embrace the ‘No’
[10:30] – Just hearing “No” isn’t the issue… Your mindset is just as important
[12:00] – How hearing “No” impacts your confidence
[15:20] – You need to learn what each ‘No” means
[19:15] – The levels of failure
[27:10] – Lui gets some coaching about level three
[30:00] – The science of setting ‘No’ goals
[35:00] – Some quick things you can implement to stop hearing “No”
[37:40] – Biggest influence in Andrea’s career
[39:20] – Sales: Science or art?

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