Episode 30:

The Psychology Of The Sale, with Bernadette McClelland

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This week we are joined by Bernadette McClelland as we delve into the mystery and “psychology of the sale.” There are a-lot of good nuggets for you to take from this episode and incorporate into your own work… especially about mindset and high performance culture.

Bernadette is ‘The Sales Psychologist…’ equipped with an expert knowledge she is definitely someone who should be on your ‘sales radar.’

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[03:00] – Bernadette introduces herself and how she got into sales
[06:19] – Inspiration for The art of commercial conversations
[08:30] – The key learnings Bernadette has had working with Tony Robbins
[12:05] – Strategies to help you get out of a slump and be a high performance worker
[14:45] – Your actions have to reinforce what you say: A discussion on sales mindset and high performance
[24:30] – Fatigue in the workplace and the need for resilience – Luigi’s astounding sales redemption
[26:45] – Bernadette’s experiences and understanding of fatigue and burn-out
[31:00] – The importance of being selfishly efficient and understanding what success means to you
[36:20] – Sales: science or art?
[38:20] – Biggest influence in Bernadette’s career

Great insights from our expert team.
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