Episode 32:

Building The Mindset For Success, with Jennifer Gluckow

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This week is all about Mindset… and who better to discuss this topic than special guess Jennifer Gluckow of the Sell or Die Podcast. Jennifer is an avid believer in having a positive mindset throughout all aspects of your life and you can see that throughout the episode.

This week we want to do something special. Luigi has taken up the 30 day challenge of not getting on his phone in the morning… We challenge you to do the same and tell us how it affects your mindset over the course of the challenge.

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[02:30] – Working with Jeffrey Gitomer
[04:50] – How Jennifer got into sales
[08:45] – When Jennifer realised the importance of mindset
[15:00] – Finding the motivation to change your mindset
[17:50] – Lui takes up the 30 day challenge… you should too!!
[22:15] – Stop looking at your phone and social media!
[24:20] – What do you do when you start to have a negative headspace
[28:20] – Why you should change the way you are doing things.
[29:10] – The traits that successful people have in any industry
[36:40] – The actions that Luigi is going to take after after this podcast
[37:20] – The biggest influence in Jennifer’s sales career
[41:05] – Is sales an art or a science?

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