Episode 34:

Principles of a Sales Professional, with Jeff Bajorek

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This week we welcome the one and only Jeff Bajorek to the show. Jeff is the host of the why and the buy podcast and he brings a lot of information to the table… This week we discuss the principles that great sales professionals follow and what has led Jeff to thinking these principles are so important.

There are a heap of juicy nuggets in this episode for you to unpack and information that you can use to increase your abilities in the sales profession.

We love hearing about your sales stories, your thoughts and your feedback for the podcast… so keep them coming!

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[04:45] – What inspired Jeff to start his podcast
[07:55] – How Jeff was dragged kicking and screaming into sales
[12:20] – Jeff’s first thoughts on what sales was
[16:25] – Defining the role of a sales person and the importance of knowing the sales principles
[25:00] – The key principles that Jeff keeps coming back too
[40:20] – Are salespeople born or made?
[25:10] – Sales a science or an art

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