Episode 36:

How To Disrupt A Major Retailer, with Justin Dry

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This week we welcome special guest Justin Dry to the podcast! Justin – not only a dead set legend, is the co-founder and CEO of Vinofomo, an e-commerce premium wine retailer. From Vinomofo inception to disruption of the wine industry, Justin shares an immense wealth of knowledge and how a positive mindset helped him achieve his success.  

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[03:20] – Justin tells us a bit about himself and how he grew up in the wine industry
[05:40] - Turning a passion into a profession and the journey that Justin took to get there
[08:15] – The impact of Justin’s family business failing
[10:15] – A brilliant morning routine  
[15:40] – How much of Justin’s success is attributed to the mindset he has created
[18:00] – The motivation for buying back Vinomofo and the effects it had on the business
[27:10] – The toughest thing Justin has had to overcome in his career
[30:25] – Key strategies for building your pipeline and business
[33:50] – The people who have influenced Justin’s career.
[36:12] – Why you should introduce yourself to new people.

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