Episode 37:

How To Optimize Your Sales Cadence, with Gabe Larsen

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This week we welcome Gabe Larsen to the Sales IQ podcast. Gabe is THE person you want to talk to and should be following on social if you want to learn about Sales Cadence and using it effectively in your career.

This week we dive deep into Sales Cadence and what you should be doing to enhance your ability and sell effectively in your industry. There is tons of information here for you to unpack so we hope you are ready to take it all in.

We are loving the feedback so please keep it coming, tell us your sales stories, we want to hear how you have improved your skills and taken the next step in your sales journey.

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[03:15] - How Gabe got into sales
[07:30] - The definition of Sales Cadence
[10:50] - The 5 pillars of sales cadence
[12:30] - The importance of cadence and the need for marketing and sales to work together
[15:05] - The best outreach attempt Luigi had… and it didn't have a call to action!!
[16:25] - Why you should be using video despite what the statistics tell you
[20:30] - The secrets behind making an expert video to open a dialogue
[32:00] - Tips for using text to enhance your sales experience
[40:50] - Sales people; are they born or made?
[43:00] - Sales; a science or art?
[45:30] - The biggest influence in Gabe's career

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