Episode 38:

Just One More Step, with Kerwin Rae

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This week we welcome Kerwin Rae to the Sales IQ podcast. When it comes to personal development and high performance Kerwin is the man you want to talk to. With over 10 years of sales and marketing experience in 11 different countries Kerwin is Australia’s leading business strategist and high performance specialist. Through all his experiences and the knowledge he has gained Kerwin definitely knows what it means to #Bethebestyoucanbe.

This week we discuss Kerwin’s inspirations and journey in sales, what high-performance looks like and how to both tolerate and overcome your fears. Make sure you have your notepads ready because there are some great lessons that you can take from this episode and apply to not just your sales career but everyday life as well.

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[00:25] - Luigi Introduces Kerwin Rae and the themes of this episode
[02:20] - Kerwin’s journey into the world of sales and personal development
[07:50] - Kerwin’s inspiration for helping people develop there skills
[12:00] - Overcoming a difficult situation with a growth mindset
[16:20] - Some simple steps to push you to #bethebestyoucanbe
[17:20] - Kerwin’s definition of high-performance
[18:35] - Learning to tolerate fear
[26:00] - What’s next for Kerwin?
[30:20] - Biggest influence in Kerwin’s career
[32:15] - The importance of Tension
[34:50] - Skills that separate great sales people from everyone else

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