Episode 47:

Giving To The World, With Bob Burg

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This week we welcome Bob Burg to the Sales IQ Podcast! Bob is a true legend when it comes to the personal and professional development industry. Alongside hosting the Go-Giver podcast, Bob wrote the amazing book ‘Endless Referrals’ and co-authored ‘The Go-Giver’. This week we explore the Go-Giver theory alongside the differences between authenticity and transparency...

Make sure you have your notepads ready because this episode is full of information you can use to enhance your own selling ability.

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[03:50] - Bob Burg's journey into selling
[04:30] - Books that had a massive impact on Luigi and Bob
[07:50] - Opening for Zig Ziglar
[12:20] - Bob's belief in the truth of is selling
[14:20] - The Go-Giver theory
[19:20] - The importance of being authentic
[23:20] - Authenticity vs transparency
[28:20] - When leading with value goes wrong
[30:55] - The times where Bob has been really challenged in business
[34:10] - The biggest influence in Bob’s career

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