Episode 50:

The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle, with Sarah Davidson

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This week we welcome Sarah Davidson to the Sales IQ podcast. Sarah is the host of the ‘Seize the Yay’ podcast and an expert on the entrepreneurial lifestyle. This week we are exploring the things you need to know before you start your next passion project and how you could be one idea away from success.

Where you can find Sarah:



[03:05] - Sarah Davids journey into the world of Business and entrepreneurship
[08:40] - Advice for starting your next passion project
[17:50] - The challenges of starting an entrepreneurial business
[21:30] - Why social profiles are not accurate
[25:10] - Finding your core support group
[30:00] - Moving from a corporate mindset to an entrepreneurial one
[34:50] - The biggest influence in Sarah’s career

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