Episode 80:

How to Manage the Emotional Ride in Selling, with Michelle Hecht

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Sales is a profession designed around performance and targets, taking you on a journey that can be both incredible and be the most challenging. It's a profession where anything is possible. However, what can be a highly motivating profession, can create a tremendous amount of stress.

So how do you regulate the emotional ride of selling? This week Luigi talks to Michelle Hecht, a career Sales Professional who has spent over 20 years in various sales roles, some months exceeding her targets and being the superstar, other months having to hustle and grind to find a way to meet those targets.

So plug in your earphones and get ready to try some of the strategies Michelle uses during the highs and lows and to get through that point of burnout...and still be a superstar!

Connect with Michelle https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellehecht/

Connect with Luigi https://www.linkedin.com/in/luigiprestinenzi/

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