Episode 75:

Introducing The Revenue Engine Podcast, with Rosalyn Santa Elena

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We're excited to announce the launching of our band new podcast The Revenue Engine Podcast hosted by the incredible Rosalyn Santa Elena.

Rosalyn is the Head of Revenue Operations for tech RevOps company Clari. In this episode of the Sales IQ podcast we sharie the first episode of The Revenue Engine Podcast. Tune in as Rosalyn chats with the CEO of Outreach — Manny Medina.

Outreach help sales professionals automate and scale sales engagment. Despite facing a dire situation in it's formative years, they have they grown like crazy! They had to pivot and change operations, and now they are worth over $1 billion!

So plug in your headphones, turn up the volume, and listen to this great chat between Rosalyn and Manny Medina.

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