About Us

The World's Leading Sales Enablement Platform

If the sales industry had a theme tune, we would sing it, hum it, and dance to it — all day every day. At Sales IQ, our team live and breathe sales and we execute on the principles and methodologies that we teach as sales practitioners.

Our goal at Sales IQ is to help sales teams be the best they can be. We help sales professionals thrive and create more opportunities in highly-competitive markets by helping them to:
  • Create quality sales pipeline
  • Produce winning opportunities
  • Grow customers
  • Lead and enable sales teams
We empower sales professionals to exceed their sales targets and goals through clear and effective communication using our proven sales methodologies.

By communicating more effectively, we create a unique value narrative, deeper relationships, create an understanding between people, and a purpose-driven sales culture.

A Unique Approach

Sales IQ was born from decades of real-world experience delivering exceptional results for respected global brands. Our unique approach comes from bringing three key elements of sales enablement seamlessly together: 
  • Proven methodologies and IPsolving specific sales problems (eg; COMBO Prospecting for pipeline creation) 
  • Learning at scale delivered via a best practice adult eLearning platform including case studies, application tasks and templates
  • Real world coaching and accountability embedding positive change via a global network of partners or by enabling the in-house sales enablement resources within a corporation.
A wholistic and integrated approach is key to achieving success in sales transformation and enablement. This Venn diagram paints the picture of why Sales IQ helps you deliver results. 
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