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You’re new to sales and looking to build a strong foundation or progress your career ahead of schedule. The Create Pipeline course removes the need for guess work, equipping you with the soft and hard skills you need to succeed in sales, and coaching you on how to apply them to your pipeline.

76% of SDRs do not make their quota.
B Holland 2021

What we help you build:

  • The best-practice approaches to fundamental sales functions including targeting, prospecting, and closing.
  • Crucial soft skills based in communication, mindset, and goal setting.
  • The ability to network, research, and find ways to continuously develop.


With an established sales career you’re now focused in on your quota. You might want to stop missing it or be shooting for the stars. The Create Pipeline course shows you how to quadruple your pipeline, and how to be the best you can be for each of those opportunities.  

85% of AEs don't reach their quota (or even get 3/4 of the way there).
B Holland 2021

How Create Pipeline will help you elevate:

  • 4x your pipeline by building a high quality, consistent, and self-generated pipeline independent from the leads given to you by other revenue teams.
  • Become a more efficient more efficient salesperson with a shorter sales cycle and better win rates.
  • Get help with your biggest pipeline blockages in the weekly coaching sessions, or by tapping in the Sales IQ Community hivemind.

Sales Leaders

As a professional sales leader you’re juggling a lot of priorities. The main one being that you don’t have the time to devote to developing your team that you know they need, affecting revenue, culture, and staff turnover. Let Sales IQ take care of it for you.

Only 9% of the average sales leader's time is devoted to training and developing their team.
Gartner 2018

How Create Pipeline will help:

  • Improve metrics including cost per acquisition, sales cycle length, sales per employee, and lead conversion.
  • Equip your team to self-generate consistent pipeline, independently from the lead generation activities done by marketing.
  • Boost the success of your current talent with consistent learning and support, helping prevent expensive turnover.
Sales Leaders

Startups/Small Business

In a high growth or micro business environment, you’re already performing a lot of functions. You don’t have time to trial and error sales practices, you just need to get good at what works fast and be set up to scale.

68% of companies struggle with lead generation.
CSO Insights 2017

After Create Pipeline you will have:

  • The ability to create a consistent, self-generated pipeline that you can successfully sell to.
  • A repeatable sales playbook that sets you up to scale.
  • Improved your efficiency and effectiveness as a salesperson.

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Sales IQ coaching allowed me to progress from SDR to AE/Sales Lead in 4 months.

Lucinda Johnston
Lucinda Johnston

Proven Sales Strategies

The quickest and most reliable way to becoming a high-performing salesperson is to remove the guesswork from your essential sales functions like prospecting, discovery, and closing.

From this solid position you can then elevate your performance by refining the strategies, soft skills, and frameworks to best suit your prospects and to play to your strengths.

The Create Pipeline course equips you to do both, setting you up to become the best professional salesperson you can be.

75% of sales professionals do not have a relevant post-school qualification.
ABS 2021
61% of sellers did not intentionally seek a sales career.
Hubspot 2019
89% of hires who fail are lacking the appropriate soft skills for the job.
Leadership IQ 2020
Tony Hughes

Meet your instructor: Tony Hughes

Thought leader, sales consultant and best-selling author Tony J. Hughes is the instructor for the Create Pipeline course. Tony’s consulting clients include some of the world’s best-known brands including Salesforce, IBM, Adobe, and Siemens, and he is the most read thought leader on the topic of B2B selling on LinkedIn. Tony’s strategies, built over 35 years of corporate and sales leadership experience, will be the foundation of your learning.


The Power of Knowledge is in Applying It

The Create Pipeline course uses best practice adult education techniques to maximise your learning.  

Our eLearning modules combine video, text, and interactive components, and are embedded by case studies and workbook templates that you can apply to your own pipeline.  

In live weekly coaching sessions you'll workshop course content in detail, giving you additional learning, examples, and an opportunity to workshop applying it to your own pipeline.  

Finally, the Sales IQ Community gives you the opportunity to share your insights and questions, hear the same from others, and gain exclusive access to industry leaders, to sustain your development beyond the 12-week program.  

Online coursework

18 modules

Weekly Coaching

Live Group Coaching via Zoom


Tap into the hivemind and meet thought leaders


Your personal sales playbook


How Create Pipeline Will Equip You

The Create Pipeline course builds the all of the hard and soft skills you need to be successful as a professional salesperson, including:

  • Identifying and targeting your buyers, including pragmatic research and trigger events.
  • Developing the right mindset and systematically planning to meet your sales goals.
  • Building a value narrative and delivering it via cadences and scripts.
  • Executing the COMBO prospecting method.
  • Managing expectations, and handling objections.
  • Qualifying deals, closing, delivery, and referrals.
  • Your personal brand and social selling.
  • Regular events with topic experts to cover specific skills in detail e.g. improving email reply rates.
Create Pipeline
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Create Pipeline Coursework

Create Pipeline Coaching to support your progress through the course

12 x Group

12 x Group
12 x Individual

Assets including scripts, case studies, tools, and templates



Unlocked access to the back catalogue of podcasts, webinars and training.

Badge for your LinkedIn profile.

Create Pipeline Coursework

Create Pipeline Coaching to support your progress through the course

12 x Group

Assets including scripts, case studies, tools, and templates


Unlocked access to the back catalogue of podcasts, webinars and training.

Badge for your LinkedIn profile.

Create Pipeline Coursework

Create Pipeline Coaching to support your progress through the course

12 x Group
12 x Individual

Assets including scripts, case studies, tools, and templates


Unlocked access to the back catalogue of podcasts, webinars and training.

Badge for your LinkedIn profile.

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hear from a sales leader

Our partners have the confidence to identify and proactively prospect into our ideal clients, and are self-generating new opportunities. Sales IQ have become an extension to our enablement team.

James Fielding
Grant Thornton
James Fielding

Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased the course, what happens next?

Once you purchase the course, you’ll receive an email giving you instant access to the:

  • Create Pipeline course on the Sales IQ eLearning platform
  • Sales IQ Community Hub

Within 1 business day you’ll receive another email, placing you in the next available block of the 12-week coaching sessions. If the block you have been allocated won’t work for you, you can request a change by replying to the email.

What is the time commitment and how long do I have to complete it?

We suggest allocating two hours per week to this program if you plan to complete it over the recommended seven months. When you begin the course you will be able to download a journey planner that guides you through this week-by-week.  

However, the Coursework and Apply portions of this course are entirely self-paced and you can complete the modules in any order that you like. You have access to the eLearning platform for 12 months from the date of purchase.

There is an approximate breakdown below.

Each of the 18 Create Pipeline modules should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.  

Apply Tasks
Following each module there are Apply tasks to complete to help embed your learning. Combined, these make up your personal Sales Playbook.  It is up to you how much detail you put into these tasks, however we recommend completing each Apply task in the same week as you complete the module.

Weekly Coaching
The weekly coaching sessions go for one hour per week for 12 weeks in a row. They are generally scheduled for the same time and day each week for the duration.  

Once you have completed the initial 12 week block, you can join the ongoing Community coaching sessions, which are also once per week for one hour.  

Tell me more about the weekly coaching sessions?

The weekly coaching sessions go for one hour, once per week, in a 12-week block. When you enrol you will automatically be added to the next available cohort. If this cohort is not suitable you can request to be added to a later cohort.  

To get the best out of the weekly coaching sessions, we deliver them to a maximum of 10-15 students at a time.  

These sessions cover the content from the course to help embed your learning, add additional information and examples, and give you the opportunity to ask questions.  

In addition to the 12-week Create Pipeline block of sessions, you have the option to join the weekly Community coaching sessions for a period of 12 months. These also go for 1 hour, once per week.  

The community sessions are more in-depth explorations of one particular topic (e.g. improving cold email reply rates). They also include regular and exclusive masterclass-type sessions with sales industry leaders.

Is Create Pipeline available in my country?

All components of the Create Pipeline course are fully remote, so it is available to participants from around the world.  

Recordings of the weekly coaching sessions are provided for everyone, so you can catch up if the schedule time does not suit your time zone.

What are the modules covered in this course?

eLearning Platform

1.1 Welcome

2.1 Ideal Customer Profile
2.2 Buyer Personas

3.1 Mindset for Success
3.2 Goal Setting
3.3 Sales Success Plan

4.1 Buyer Expectations
4.2 Value in the Eyes of the Buyer
4.3 Personal Brand

5.1 Value Narrative
5.2 Script Building
5.3 Cadence and Sequencing

6.1 Build Target Lists
6.2 Trigger Events and Referrals
6.3 Pragmatic Research

7.1 COMBO Prospecting
7.2 Objections, Qualifications, and Delivery
7.3 Review

Weekly Coaching

1 Welcome and Kick-Off
2 Segment Your Market
3. Target Your Buyers Part 1
4 Target Your Buyers Part 2
5 Planning for Success
6 LinkedIn Masterclass
7 Your Value Narrative
8 Successful Outreach
9 Results and Objections
10 Qualifications and Discovery
11 Running Your First Meeting
12 Ongoing Learning with the Sales IQ Community

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