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Create Pipeline

Create Pipeline is a unique and proven program incorporating the acclaimed COMBO Prospecting methodology that enables sales professionals to predictably self-generate quality pipeline volume to improve sales results.


Why Create Pipeline?

The program creates predictability and accountability, captured with best practice playbooks providing for team collaboration and accelerated ramping of new hires.

Key to success in this program is the integration of support and guidance for sales leaders and managers to hold sellers to account for activity execution.

A blended learning approach delivers scalable results with online modules, expert-led live workshops, creation of shareable Playbook assets, real-world execution, and active coaching from sales leaders and managers.

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Create Pipeline Outcomes

Create Pipeline equips SDRs, BDRs, Account Executives and Account Managers  to predictably self-generate opportunity pipeline that converts to elevated sales engagement, and improved win-rates, revenue and profit.

Skills developed include:

Targeting and Prospecting
Researching and Personalization
Outreach and Positioning Value
Questioning and Objection Handling
Blended Qualification and Discovery
Closing for Next-Stage Committment
Communication and Writing
Ramping (Onboarding and Training)
Leader Coaching and Team Mindset
Sales Methodology Optimization
Analytics and Accountability

How it's delivered

Sales IQ’s program delivery supports best practice adult learning principles. Participants independently  complete set eLearning modules and Playbook Assets for each session. They then share, deepen, and refine their understanding in live Workshops. Sales and enablement leaders capture best practice within their teams as they are equipped to execute coaching and drive accountability.




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Program Syllabus

The Create Pipeline coursework is made up of 18 eLearning modules, grouped across 7 courses. Modules take no longer than 20 minutes to complete, with learning supported by the Playbook, real-world execution, live workshops, and coaching.

1.1 Welcome and Getting Started


2.1 Ideal Customer Profile

2.2 Buyer Persona


3.1 Mindset for Success

3.2 Goal Setting

3.3 Sales Success Plan


4.1 Buyer Expectations

4.2 Value in the Eyes of the Buyer

4.3 Personal Brand


5.1 Value Narrative

5.2 Script Building

5.3 Cadence and Sequencing


6.1 Build Target Lists

6.2 Trigger Events and Referrals

6.3 Pragmatic Research


7.1 COMBO Prospecting

7.2 Objections, Qualifications & Discovery

7.3 Create Pipeline Completion

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Portrait of Tony Hughes


Tony J. Hughes

Tony is CEO and Co-Founder at Sales IQ Global. He has 35 years of corporate and sales leadership experience having generated record-breaking results as a salesperson, head of sales, and CEO leading the Asia-pacific region for multi-nationals. Tony is a best-selling author, consultant, trainer and keynote speaker.