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CRO Accelerator

The CRO role is booming in popularity, and it's time to secure your seat at the table. Put yourself ahead of the pack with the CRO Accelerator.

This 10-week course is designed for marketing and sales professionals with 5+ years leadership experience. It fast-tracks you to a revenue leadership role, ensuring you are confident and successful from the moment your feet are under the desk.

Graduating CRO-ready from this course, you will be competent in high-impact revenue transformation, growth strategies for B2B, and have a repeatable blueprint for success.

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P6 Risk

So, you have a sales process but no consistent way of identifying and mitigating risk on your key deals?

This creates fiction and uncertainty in your forecast.

Neither an abundance of pipeline, nor the perfect strategy is worth anything unless you understand the key areas of risk in your deals  that allow you to execute with precision.

Do deal reviews in under 10 minutes and bring all of your stakeholders onto the same page.  

A fast, proven, and highly accurate way to de-risk deals, boost win rates and improve forecast accuracy, the P6 Risk methodology by Simon Tate is a revolutionary skill for your sales success.

Developed over 10 years, including an in-depth 2-year research project, the six key areas of risk covered by P6 Risk were proven across more than 10,000 back-tested transactions, in 8 vertical industries, 6 geographies and almost every variant of company size.

Using the 'risk lens' graduates of the P6 Risk program can assess a B2B deal's risk with high accuracy in under 10 minutes. Supercharge your sales career with P6 Risk.

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Social Selling

This course has been designed for B2B Sales Professionals who want to become more strategic in their use and execution of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help them find and reach out to more leads, whether that’s within an existing account base, or new logo, white space prospecting.

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