P6 is the best Risk Framework I've used. Deal reviews take 5 minutes and my forecast accuracy has improved out of sight.

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the methodology

Why P6 Risk?

P6 Risk was developed by Simon Tate over a 10-year period and back-tested across more than 10,000 corporate and enterprise sales transactions in 8 vertical industries and 6 geographies. The longest known research project into why B2B sales transactions slipped past the forecasted close date, identified the 6 areas of risk (3 logical pairs) in any B2B sales pursuit.

Most organizations are unable to consistently identify and mitigate risk on key deals, despite having a sales methodology, process and various approaches to initial deal qualification. 

If deal win rates and forecast accuracy are not where they need to be, or if there are high levels of stress within your sales organization, P6 Risk is the answer.

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P6 Risk Outcomes

P6 risk will improve CRM and Sales Process effectiveness, regardless
of which sales tools and methodologies are in place, in addition to:

Fast and proven way to boost deal win rates to above 95%
Remove friction, uncertainty and stress in revenue generation.
Improve forecast accuracy and board confidence.
Greater sales effectiveness with 10-minute deal reviews.
Align all stakeholders in prioritizing resources to mitigate risk.
Efficient internal stakeholder management with a consistent risk narrative.
the methodology

The P6 Risk Lens

Using the P6 'risk lens' you can accurately and quickly assess deal risk in real time as the deal progresses.

The 6 areas of risk in the P6 Risk Lens are cleverly colour coded into three logical pairs, allowing the sales team to test their risk assumptions.

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course synopsis

P6 Course Overview

Free limited access is provided to the P6 Risk app on Android or iOS with a hypothetical case study for applying the P6 principles to a real-world scenario.

Point of View

The P0 module examines the foundational power of a compelling industry and account point of view, to provide focus on the value of change for your prospect. You will learn how to look at point of view from three key perspectives, without the need to perform exhaustive research.



Framing the type of problem faced by your prospect is a critical ingredient to deal velocity and risk management. The P1 module explores how to define and measure risk on the problem that you are trying to help a prospect solve, in three essential and very unique categories.



Keeping the measurable and time-bound financial return in sight for a prospect is essential for risk management. The P2 payback module is a logical pair with P1 and explores how to identify risk associated with the financial benefit that a prospect will get as a result of their problem being addressed by your product / service.


Pressure Point

This module helps salespeople assess and manage the risk associated with the sense of urgency that a prospect has to transact in the timeline you require. A pressure point is a critical trigger for P1 and P2, and helps de-risk the deal from competing priorities and inertia stalls. P3's logical pair is P6 - Process.



The biggest reason for opportunity slippage or competitive loss is not having the right relationships in place at every given point during the sales cycle. Politics explores the only four relationships that matter at any point in an opportunity, to help ensure you are politically aligned. P4 is a logical pair with P5 - Positional.



Not understanding the risk associated with your competitive positioning is almost certain to lose the deal to the competition or to ‘Do Nothing’ The fascinating relationship and logical pairing between P4 and P5 is the most powerful combination in de-risking deals.



The final component of the P6 Risk Lens is ensuring that the opportunity is closed predictably on or before the committed close date. This module guides you through identifying the risk associated with the decision process, the buying process, and the internal vendor process to get a signed and booked contract.


How it's delivered

The P6 Risk Course is exclusively delivered in partnership with Sales IQ Global.

The program provides you with everything you need to enable a team to identify and mitigate risk on key deals for higher win rates and improved forecast accuracy.

eLearning Program

Best practice adult eLearning using a blend of reading, video, quizzes and application activities.

P6 Risk Mobile App

The P6 Risk mobile app is available on iOS and Android (limited free access).


P6 Risk consultants are also available at additional cost for advice and coaching within your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does P6 fit with the sales or qualification methodology we already use?

Whilst P6 can be used stand-alone, it is complementary to any existing qualification tool or sales process, as P6’s focus is purely on ‘sales stage progression’ or ‘sales stage acceleration’, through the gradual ‘de-risking’ of the 6 areas of risk that exist in any enterprise B2B Sales pursuit. P6 provides both the salesperson and sales leader with an ‘independent’ risk assessment of the sales pursuit. ‘Risk’ is the only constant in being able to construct a consistent narrative on a sales pursuit to internal stakeholders.

Does P6 Risk integrate with my CRM?

Yes, certified system integrators can install a ‘package’ for Hubspot, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slack and Microsoft Dynamics. Costs will vary based on the metadata fields of the existing CRM that need to be mapped into P6.

What is the cost of P6 Risk for a sales team?

P6 was developed as a ‘mobile only’ app, to mirror the way most sales people work and collaborate on deals. The annual subscription of the P6 mobile application on ios or Android (excluding integration to a CRM system) starts at $250 USD per year, per user. Enterprise or volume License Agreements can be negotiated on request. Access to the P6 training materials, case study and certification is $1,500 USD per user and is available exclusively on the Sales IQ Global eLearning platform.

Can we deploy the eLearning on our internal LMS?

The P6 e-learning materials are designed to be consumed on demand on the SalesIQ Global eLearning platform. This ensures consistency of the case studies across all students and accuracy of analytics. The SalesIQ platform can be accessed via a link within any existing corporate LMS. The P6 content however, cannot be ‘installed’ on an internal eLearning service.

How secure is the data in the P6 app with my sellers?

Sales Data and personal data security is paramount. The P6 mobile app; used as both a training aid in the consumption of the P6 e-learning modules on the SalesIQ Global platform and as a ‘stand-alone’ mobile app, is hosted on AWS. If P6 is integrated into a modern CRM, then the security protocols, including single sign on functionality can be managed by the CRM. Deal information can only be accessed via the P6 app, if explicit access is provided by the deal owner.

Where can I find the P6 Risk App?

Download the P6 Risk app at the links below.

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Simon Tate

Simon is a 25 year sales, technology and business veteran. He currently serves as the Asia Pacific President of Adobe. Prior to his role leading Adobe, Simon was the SVP and COO for Salesforce.