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Jeff Ignacio

and an expert panel discuss The Evolution of Sales: How Top Sales Teams are Scaling Growth.
It's survival of the fittest and only those who adapt will survive natural selection!
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Tony Hughes

and The Future of Selling: De-risk your sales career.
Essential viewing for anyone seeking to gain an advantage in the highly competitive world of B2B selling.
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Rosalyn Santa Elena

shares how to Accelerate Revenue with Marketing Operations.
Learn how Marketing Ops drives more pipeline, the metrics to improve revenue and how effective organizations leverage Marketing Ops.
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Rosalyn Santa Elena

shares GTM strategy and metrics that matter for all RevOps leaders.
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Rosalyn Santa Elena

and an expert panel share how to build winning RevOps teams to drive the revenue engine.
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Justin Michael

teaches us how to increase cold outbound conversion using the powers of neuroscience.
Learn to increase your cold outbound communications by leveraging neuroscientifically-backed approaches to selling.
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Kyle Coleman

teaches us how to craft the perfect cold email.
Learn to write effective ouutbound emails to ensure you maximize your response rate.
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James Muir

teaches how to close in a virtual world.
Learn how to address the top challenges when selling in a virtual world and win.
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Cian Mcloughlin

Learn the 10 reasons why your customer buying behaviour has changed.
Explore strategies to reposition key aspects of your value proposition, to make it easier for customers to justify a purchase from you.
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New Sales Enablement

Learn from our panel of experts as they discuss what sales enablement looks like in a virtual world.
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Aaron Ross.

Teaches you how to pivot your sales process.
Learn how to build a sales machine that can triple your growth rate.
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Anita Nielsen.

Teaches you how to lead your sales team to the new normal.
Learn how to help your team adapt and thrive in times of transition.
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Tony Hughes.

Teaches you how sell during tough times.
Learn how to create pipeline and drive sales to control your destiny no matter the situation.
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Marylou Tyler.

Teaches you how to deliver predictable sales.
Learn how to deliver predictable sales performance from wherever you are.