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Instructed by Tony Hughes

Create Pipeline.

In this program you will learn how to consistently build quality sales pipeline with proven strategies that have delivered for b2b sellers around the world.
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Sales IQ is a modern learning experience blending online learning with one to one coaching to help you excel.

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Danielle Dacunha-Howarth.

Teaches you how to master your social selling strategy.

Cian McLoughlin.

Teaches how to expose the truth behind why you win or lose key deals.

Marylou Tyler.

 Teaches you how to predictably prospect so that you never run out of leads.

Tony Hughes.

 Teaches you how to create pipeline.

James Muir.

 Teaches you the art of the perfect close.

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Justin Michael

teaches us how to increase our cold outbound conversion rates using the powers of neuroscience.
Learn to increase your cold outbound communications by leveraging neuroscientifically-backed approaches to selling.
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