By Tony Hughes

Create Pipeline

Course Overview

Creating healthy sales pipeline is the number one problem facing every salesperson and organisation. Learn how to thrive with opportunity pipeline that drives consistent over-achievement of sales targets.

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What will you learn?


Understanding Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and Buyer Personas is essential for effectively segmenting and targeting potential clients. Leveraging ICPs and Buyer Personas enables sellers to make the very best use of time and resources to optimise sales pipeline creation and achieve high win rates by leveraging product/market fit and understanding the needs of those who make buying decisions. This course lays the structural foundation for successful sales pipeline creation.

  • 1
    Ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • 2
    Buyer personas


Success in selling demands high levels of motivation and disciplined execution of sales process. This course enables sellers to embrace a growth mindset and adopt an attitude of personal accountability in achieving results through intelligent disciplined activity.

Measurement and improvement in executing input activities is the key to high performance. Sellers learn who to effectively set goals and then reverse engineer their performance metrics to create a personal activity plan that results in them over-achieving targets.

  • 1
    Mindset for success
  • 2
    Goal setting (SMART)
  • 3
    Sales success plan


All sellers and account managers need to elevate conversations and set the right agenda in seeking to win new opportunities or retain and grow existing clients. This course explains exactly how to talk the language of leaders and create value in the eyes of the buyer.

Sellers learn how to have conversations in the c-suite and engage decision-makers without being delegated away. This course also shows how to create a strong personal brand that supports elevated engagement and the right business conversations.

  • 1
    Buyer expectations and language of leaders
  • 2
    Creating value in the eyes of the buyer
  • 3
    Personal brand to support engagement


Decision-makers and buyers are busier than ever. Sellers must therefore provide a relevant point-of-view when seeking to initiate a new relationship. In this course, sellers learn a simple yet effective framework for quickly creating the right conversations with context through a trusted relationship, trigger event or referencing one of the buyer’s relevant attributes; then provide a point-of-view on how the buyer can improve results. The course also covers script-building and how to create the right sequences to break through.

  • 1
    Value narrative and point-of-view
  • 2
    Script-building - Conversational
  • 3
    Cadence and sequencing


Creating the right list of target organizations and contacts is essential while also ensuring relevance, personalization and brevity in outreach. In this course sellers learn the importance of trusted relationships, how to generate referrals, and how to monitor for trigger events that create context for conversations and opportunity.

Sellers also learn how to add personalization from pragmatic research to leverage buyer personas and baseline messaging to efficiently and effectively add personalization.

  • 1
    Build your campaign target lists
  • 2
    Trigger events and referrals
  • 3
    Pragmatic research (LinkedIn, Intel tools)


Proven methodologies and frameworks are essential for executing effective outbound. In this course, sellers learn how to execute COMBO Prospecting to positively break through and engage buyers. Sellers also learn how to create a prospecting process that drives results.

Finally, this course shows how to blend discovery and qualification together for conversations that create progression, and also how to transform inbound conversations with leads to gain control of sales process and set an agenda on value.

  • 1
    Combo prospecting framework
  • 2
    Predictable prospecting process
  • 3
    Qualification and discovery
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