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Create Pipeline

Leverage the best methodologies on the planet for creating the sales pipeline you need to consistently exceed sales targets.

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Outcomes you will achieve

  • 1
    Create consistent pipeline coverage with self-generated leads and opportunities.
  • 2
    Increase win rates with proactive, elevated engagement to the C-Suite and your target buyer personas.
  • 3
    Improve sales efficiency with stronger return on sales investments.
  • 4
    Elevate engagement with decision makers and shorten the sales cycle.
  • 5
    Reduce cost per customer acquisition.
  • 6
    Improve results from marketing spend.
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The How

Sales IQ is the world’s leading sales enablement platform that combines proven methodologies and tools, best practice online learning, and a global network of Sales IQ Partners who provide coaching and consulting.

This approach is designed to effect positive change, transform your sales results and help you be the best you can be.
Within 2 weeks of starting the Create Pipeline program, our email to lead conversion increased from 7% to 12.5%
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What you will learn


The modules Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Personas ensure the Sales Professional is investing their limited time and resources on organizations and potential buyers with the highest propensity to buy what they sell.

  • 1
    Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • 2
    Buyer Personas


Mindset for Success and Goal Setting focus on the importance of a growth mindset and effective goal setting for self-motivation.

Sales Success Plan provides a foundational understanding of sales metrics and how to calculate the activity levels required to de-risk sales success.

  • 1
    Mindset for Success
  • 2
    Goal Setting
  • 3
    Sales Success Plan


Buyer Expectations focuses on understanding and meeting the expectations of potential buyers and how to structure and elevate conversations in order to create engagement with the right decision-makers.

Value in the Eyes of the Buyer shows how to align with how decision-makers and business leaders define business value and the importance of building a compelling business case for change.

Personal Brand challenges the Sales Professional to consciously create and strengthen a personal brand, in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and build trust with potential buyers.

  • 1
    Buyer Expectations
  • 2
    Value in the Eyes of the Buyer
  • 3
    Personal Brand


Value Narrative steps through how to create a baseline conversation to hook the interest of the potential buyer and earn a first meeting.

Script Building will take the Value Narrative and create scripts to enhance the speed and effectiveness of outbound activities.

Cadence and Sequencing provides research-based guidance on how and when to perform outbound activities.

  • 1
    Value Narrative
  • 2
    Script Building
  • 3
    Cadence and Sequencing


Trigger Events and Referrals enables the Sales Professional to warm up their outbound activity by providing context for why they are engaging the potential buyer including a trusted common relationship.

Build Campaign Target Lists demonstrates how to compile a list of potential buyers and decision-makers to drive outbound activities.

Pragmatic Research focuses on the minutes before the Sales Professional picks up the phone and calls their potential buyer to ensure they are maximizing the power of personalization.

  • 1
    Trigger Events and Referrals
  • 2
    Build Target Lists
  • 3
    Pragmatic Research


COMBO Prospecting accelerates breakthrough with potential buyers using the award-winning COMBO Prospecting methodology.

Objections, Qualifications and Discovery ensures the Sales Professional is prepared to overcome objections and blend qualification and discovery for optimal buyer.

Create Pipeline Completion wraps up the program, bringing al the assets together in a playbook, providing you with a certificate and a badge to share on social media.

  • 1
    Combo prospecting
  • 2
    Objections, Qualification and Discovery
  • 3
    Create Pipeline Completion
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Meet your instructor

Tony Hughes

Tony has over thirty-five years of corporate and sales leadership experience, with record-breaking personal and team sales results. He has a positive track record and international experience as a winning CEO and Sales Director creating outstanding team culture and profitable growth.

An international speaker and best-selling author, Tony is the most read person on LinkedIn on the topic of B2B selling. He has more than 500,000 followers of his blogs and his most recent book, COMBO Prospecting, is published by the American Management Association and HarperCollins.

Tony’s first book, The Joshua Principle – Leadership Secrets of Selling, is a business best-seller and is in its 9th printing. Top Sales Magazine ranks Tony as the most influential person in Asia-Pacific for professional selling and he was subsequently invited to be a regular columnist for Top Sales Magazine.

Tony’s best practice strategic sales methodologies have delivered hundreds of millions in sales and his frameworks modernize the way people sell in the age of empowered buyers.
Resources to help you succeed

What's included

• Phone Scripts
• Case Studies
• Exclusive Webinars
• Podcasts
• Monthly Virtual Coaching Sessions
• Sales Enablement e-Learning platform
• Customer Profile Templates
• Buyer Persona Templates
• Email Building Templates
• Objection Handling Template

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  • Access to pillar content
  • Resource templates
  • Exclusive webinars
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Yes! We offer a discount for annual billing which varies based on the number of users enrolling, simply contact to find out more.
Is this suitable for a team?
100%! When the whole team participates in a program together, we see a culture shift, with better results and higher performance.
What is a Sales IQ partner?
Engaging a Sales IQ Partner can make all the difference in application and driving improved results. A Sales IQ Partner can provide consulting and coaching services to ensure you and your team apply the learning and contextualize and embed the methodologies, processes and tools in your organization to help your sales grow.
Is the partner included in the subscription price?
Our partners are world-class at what they do, experts in their field, they charge a fee to work along side you to help you implement the learning. The investment varies based on your requirements and your Sales IQ Partner. We recommend you connect with our partners and book a free discovery call to see if they are the right fit for you.
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