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Level up your skills

So, you have a sales process but no consistent way of identifying and mitigating risk on your key deals?

This creates fiction and uncertainty in your forecast.

Neither an abundance of pipeline, nor the perfect strategy is worth anything unless you understand the key areas of risk in your deals  that allow you to execute with precision.

Do deal reviews in under 10 minutes and bring all of your stakeholders onto the same page.  

A fast, proven, and highly accurate way to de-risk deals, boost win rates and improve forecast accuracy, the P6 Risk methodology by Simon Tate is a revolutionary skill for your sales success.

Developed over 10 years, including an in-depth 2-year research project, the six key areas of risk covered by P6 Risk were proven across more than 10,000 back-tested transactions, in 8 vertical industries, 6 geographies and almost every variant of company size.

Using the 'risk lens' graduates of the P6 Risk program can assess a B2B deal's risk with high accuracy in under 10 minutes. Supercharge your sales career with P6 Risk.


The Outcomes

  • Boost forecast accuracy and win rates on key deals
  • Simplify internal stakeholder management by having a consistent risk narrative on all key deals
  • Improve CRM and Sales Process effectiveness, regardless of which sales tools and methodologies are in place
  • Learn the 6 areas of risk in the P6 Risk Lens
  • Learn the 3 logical pairs of risk in every deal

The How

The P6 Risk Course is delivered using Sales IQ's world-leading sales enablement platform, which uses best practice adult eLearning methodologies designed to amplify learning and knowledge retention.

This program consists of seven modules delivered via a unique blended model of reading, video, activities and community. Boosted by templates and the P6 Risk mobile app (on iOS and Android), the program provides you with everything you need to identify and mitigate risk on your key deals.


How it's delivered

eLearning Platform

Purpose-Built Mobile App

Video Explainers

Exclusive Community Portal


What is delivered

P0 - Point of View

The P0 module examines the foundational power of a compelling industry and account point of view, to provide focus on the value of change for your prospect. You will learn how to look at point of view from three key perspectives, without the need to perform exhaustive research.

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P1 - Problem

Framing the type of problem faced by your prospect is a critical ingredient to deal velocity and risk management. The P1 module explores how to define and measure risk on the problem that you are trying to help a prospect solve, in three essential and very unique categories.

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P2 - Payback

Keeping the measurable and time-bound financial return in sight for a prospect is essential for risk management. The P2 payback module is a logical pair with P1 and explores how to identify risk associated with the financial benefit that a prospect will get as a result of their problem being addressed by your product / service.

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P3 - Pressure Point

This module helps salespeople assess and manage the risk associated with the sense of urgency that a prospect has to transact in the timeline you require. A pressure point is a critical trigger for P1 and P2, and helps de-risk the deal from competing priorities and inertia stalls. P3's logical pair is P6 - Process.

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P4 - Politics

The biggest reason for opportunity slippage or competitive loss is not having the right relationships in place at every given point during the sales cycle. Politics explores the only four relationships that matter at any point in an opportunity, to help ensure you are politically aligned. P4 is a logical pair with P5 - Positional.

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P5 - Positional

Not understanding the risk associated with your competitive positioning is almost certain to lose the deal to the competition or to ‘Do Nothing’ The fascinating relationship and logical pairing between P4 and P5 is the most powerful combination in de-risking deals.

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P6 - Process

The final component of the P6 Risk Lens is ensuring that the opportunity is closed predictably on or before the committed close date. This module guides you through identifying the risk associated with the decision process, the buying process, and the internal vendor process to get a signed and booked contract.

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Start learning today

$1,500 USD
what's included
  • 7 Self-Paced eLearning Modules (text, video, and activities)
  • The P6 Risk Assessment Tool Template
  • Access to the P6 Risk Assessment Mobile App During Course
  • Case Studies and Examples
  • Access to an Exclusive Online Community
  • Badge for Your LinkedIn Profile
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P6 is the best Risk Framework I've used. Deal reviews take 5 minutes and my forecast accuracy has improved out of sight.

Laura Tattersall
Account Executive, APAC
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