Your mindset is your sales superpower.

Take back control of your day and your pipeline with the simple and powerful changes outlined in 'Mindset' by Sales IQ Global.


I have written this handbook to help all sales professionals create magic in their sales journey. It has proven concepts that will empower you to transform your sales results.

Luigi Prestinenzi

What's inside?

Set goals you'll actually achieve

Take the guesswork out of your quota

Increase your selling time

Evolve into a trusted advisor

Meet the author

Luigi is Co-Founder and CEO of Sales IQ Global. He is highly regarded in the Learning and Development industry having lead major transformation projects with some of the world's most respected companies. He is also a recognized thought leader in the field of B2B selling.

Ready to predictably grow and scale your revenue?

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For the first time in my sales career, I hit 120% of my target as a result of completing the Create Pipeline program.

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