Anita Nielsen
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Anita Nielsen

Chicago, United States


Anita Nielsen

Anita Nielsen is passionate about helping b2b sales professionals learn how to create personalized, differentiated value for their clients. She believes that as technology gets increasingly sophisticated humans have to get increasingly, well, human.

Anita loves partnering with sales leaders to create teams of high performing sales professionals who can’t be beat by robots or competition because they are masters at human to human (h2h) sales interactions and differentiating through personalizing value.

Anita is a Sales enablement Consultant and Performance Coach with over 20 years of experience in B2B Business sales and support. Anita’s clients learn to create differentiating value to accelerate growth, and create loyal, lifetime customers. Anita is devoted to helping sales professionals understand basics of psychology and human behavior and apply them in consultative sales interactions to win better, bigger and more.

Her Psychology in Selling training is a growing sensation amongst B2B sales organizations and is quickly becoming known as a “secret sauce” for developing high performance, future-ready B2B sales professionals. As a staunch advocate for salespeople, she is dedicated to coaching and equipping them for success.

Anita is a founding member of the Sales Enablement Society. Her expertise and efforts in sales enablement have earned her the honor of being named as one of the Top Sales Enablement Consultants of 2018 by Selling Power Magazine. Her first book, “Beat the Bots: How Your Humanity Can Future-Proof Your Tech Sales Career,” quickly became an Amazon #1 Best-Seller.

Anita’s incomparable capacity for empathy and genuine desire to help sales professionals achieve their potential have helped her to create a holistic, practical approach to sales transformation that is based on years of trench experience. Additionally, Anita has a keen eye for assessing and understanding an organization’s culture and is able to leverage that knowledge to tailor her services to perfectly suit her clients in their unique sales context.

As such, she ensures that her training and coaching drive lasting behavior change. Anita’s energy and sense of humor endear her to her clients, leaders and sales reps, alike. Anita considers herself “a total sales nerd.” She loves to spend time talking about all things sales and helping to evangelize a more human approach to selling that dispels the old school negative perceptions about sales professionals.


Areas of expertise

  • B2B Sales with a focus on B2B Technology
  • Psychology; Applied to Sales and Selling
  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Sales Enablement Strategy and Programs
  • 1:1 Sales Performance Coaching
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