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Chris Muddell



Chris Muddell

✔️ Chris is one of the first employees at Australia’s fast-growth company, Employsure

✔️ from 2012 until now, Chris remains working as an active top performing BDM

✔️ entering his first sales role as a start-up (at the time) Employsure, with less than 15 staff

✔️ In 2021, Employsure employs more than 1000 staff and services > 29,000 clients

✔️ nearly 9 years later, Chris remains at the top of the sales team

✔️ on track to engage 240 new business clients and $4.8 million dollars in revenue in FY 21/22

✔️ one of the most decorated sales professionals in the B2SME space

✔️ has engaged more than 1,200 new business clients and 30,000,000 in revenue

✔️ close rate has exceeded more than 30% over his 9 year career (sat to signed conversion rate/ B2B space/ average deal size 22,000K)  

✔️ achievements include Million Dollar Club, RSM Award, Ed Mallet’s 1st XV, In The Zone, Referral Champion, Managers Choice Award and more

✔️ national awards include BDM of the Year, Sales Leader of the Year, and Ambassadors Club

✔️ current form, Chris sits at #1 new deals for day, week, month and quarter (as of Jul 21)

✔️ Founder of Chris Muddell Business Coaching, Partner at Sales IQ Global

✔️ Chris’s mission is to help show others that sales is not only easy, but fun!

✔️ He presents keynotes on his methods including Sales Athlete & Repeatable Hyper-Sales Performance

✔️ Chris has presented at events including Sales Hacker Inc, B2B Sales Meetup, and various other

✔️ Chris is a father of three beautiful children and married to the love of his life Kara


Areas of expertise

✔️ Presidents club

As a certified Sales IQ Coach, Chris has used the SalesIQ sales enablement systems to reach number one year after year. He only works with those who share the same intention.

✔️ Small Business

As one of the most decorated sales professionals in the small to medium business space. Chris is a master of full cycle selling, prospecting, business development  and closing deals.

✔️ Sales Mindset

Chris helps develops unbreakable Sales Mindset utilising his Sales Athlete Mindset method.

✔️ Sales Discipline  

Chris helps develop a highly disciplined Sales Discipline utilising his Repeatable Hyper-Sales Performance method.

✔️ Closing Deals

Chris helps you decode the close through a defined Sales Recipe utilising his Stages of The Sale method.

✔️ Cash Flow

Chris helps elevate cash flow in your start-up, SMB, or small business space through driving increased sales (ideally instantaneous). Chris considers this his strongest ability, to take time out of the equation and getting money from the marketplace.