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Justin Michael

One of the most fun and ambitious gigs ever was working withengineers to build an Artificial Intelligence model that emulated my brain for“outbound prospecting.” Over the past decade, I’ve set world records for fullcycle revenue creation in cutting edge AdTech / MarTech SaaS startups both asan individual contributor and distributed global team leader (running teams ofAEs and SDRs) and received a prestigious 10X Award from a top 20, Tier 1 VCbacked, Seattle Startup. My case study on effective outbound was featured in abestselling book called Combo Prospecting by Tony J. Hughes.


I leveraged trigger events to break the sound barrier onspeed to six and seven figure deal closes. I’ve generated 6 years of pipelinein 6 months. I’ve closed a 7 figure deal in under 120 days. I’ve run regions,training new and existing business teams of AEs, CSMs, SEs and global SDRoutfits – frequently all at the same time.


I’ve developed significant Sales Engineer technical saleschops myself certified on complex product demos. Had a blast living in most VCstronghold cities and on both Coasts: LA, SF, NYC, SEA.


I never shied away from the phone. I built my LinkedInnetwork to 24,000+ connections over 14 years that skews to VCs, Board Members,and the C-Level. Hence, I’ve been involved in successful fundraising of seedand venture rounds.


I am a technical subject matter expert in hacking SalesTools, Mobile Marketing and Advertising. Along with consulting over 50 startupstransforming how they scale their sales function into a hyper growth flywheel(with automation and AI), I’ve worked for the top Mobile SaaS leaders by nichecategory over the last decade: Kochava, Tune, Swrve, LinkedIn, Salesforce,ExactTarget, to name a few.


I even reported directly to Sean Parker! I’ve leveraged thissuccess to give back to hundreds of global nonprofits via my expertise and SaaSroots in online fundraising and advocacy.


Areas of expertise

·  Demand Generation

·  Top of Funnel Strategy and Tactics

·  Advanced LinkedIn Sales Navigator

·  Outbound Architecture

·  Outreach / Salesloft sequences and bestpractices

·  ICP refinement

·  Buyer Personas

·  Hubspot, Marketo, Sales Operations,Salesforce

·  Go-to-Market Strategy

·  Cold Calling Mastery

·  Trigger Event Selling

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