The Revenue Architect

How to Increase Prospect Engagement in the Sales Process, with Joe Caprio

May 13, 2021

The Revenue Architect

Join host of the show Jeff Ignacio, as he dives deep into incredible businesses and their Go-To-Market capabilities.We’ll explore how founders, executives, middle management, and RevOps leaders & practitioners achieve their success. The podcast is not only an inspirational guide for those looking to start or scale a business, but also serves as a practical companion to building a world-class revenue function.

Joe Caprio, a career Sales Professional recently made the leap from the sales Founder! Described as a "people first" sales leader, Joe led sales teams across multiple fast-growing tech companies before founding Reprise. Joe built a tech platform providing sales and marketing teams the ability to bring their product to life, with customized demos, website product tours, and a product experience via email!

Get ready to shake up your product demos as Jeff and Joe discuss the product journey, and how sales professionals can present their solutions to really engage and cater to the prospects' needs. Joe talks through why the 'demo' stage needs a shake-up and gets down into the architecture of the sales process and how the buyers' journey has shifted.

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Joe Caprio
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