The Revenue Architect

Revenue Operations Supporting the Full Donut Funnel, with Allye O'Brien

June 24, 2021

The Revenue Architect

Join host of the show Jeff Ignacio, as he dives deep into incredible businesses and their Go-To-Market capabilities.We’ll explore how founders, executives, middle management, and RevOps leaders & practitioners achieve their success. The podcast is not only an inspirational guide for those looking to start or scale a business, but also serves as a practical companion to building a world-class revenue function.

Director of Revenue Operations at Chief, Allye O'Brien is responsible for all things Salesforce, sales enablement, sales engagement and sales ops, Allye manages from lead to renewal and all the data points in between. With years of experience building sales teams in startups, Allye transitioned from Sales Director to Rev Ops, finding her sweet spot as an optimizer of Chief, where she not only feeds her data passion, she works in an oganization with a mission she's passionate about.

What an epiphany - we're loving Allye’s idea that we should start looking at our funnel not as linear "cake" with a definitive start and definitive end…but as a donut! A circular funnel that feeds itself and as she says, “when a lead doesn’t convert into an opportunity, you should always be revisiting it when an opportunity doesn't convert to a customer, you should always be revisiting it when a customer churns, you should always be revisiting that.”

Tune in as Allye and Jeff discuss the donut funnel and all things in between.

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Allye O'Brien
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