The Revenue Architect

Using Sales Data to Earn You a Seat at the Leadership Table, with Sylvain Giuliani

March 25, 2021

The Revenue Architect

Join host of the show Jeff Ignacio, as he dives deep into incredible businesses and their Go-To-Market capabilities.We’ll explore how founders, executives, middle management, and RevOps leaders & practitioners achieve their success. The podcast is not only an inspirational guide for those looking to start or scale a business, but also serves as a practical companion to building a world-class revenue function.

Head of Growth and RevOps at Census, Sylvain Giuliani is a revenue leader and mentor with a decade of experience building go-to-market strategies for developer tools. You can often find him geeking out about data stacks in many data communities.

From his early days hitting the phonebook to make a sale, Sylvain knew having data you can trust at your fingertips was a way to get a stronger narrative and target the right customers at the right time. Now helping fast growing companies make sense of their data and technology stack, Sylvain is the guy you want at your table, making sure RevOps is a big part of the conversation to create alignment between sales, marketing, support and customer service.

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Sylvain Giuliani
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