September 13, 2022

Stumble-Proof Your First CRO Role, With Stephanie Valenti

In this episode, Warren and Lupe are joined by Stephanie Valenti, CRO at SmartBug Media. Follow her adventurous footsteps to the CRO role (featuring networking, touring via alternate perspectives, and growing as a leader), how to stay in your lane so you succeed at your job, where to start when you land behind the desk, and protecting yourself from becoming a CRO In Title Only.

CRO Spotlight


About the podcast

A B2B podcast for current and aspiring CROs, CEOs and other leaders. In each episode revenue experts Warren Zenna and Lupe Feld are joined by a guest as they set out to explore every last area of a business that you can leverage to generate revenue and drive meaningful change. Warren and Lupe speak your language - join their revenue crew.

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