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Each week, Revenue Operations expert Rosalyn Santa Elena shines the spotlight on founders, CEO's and Revenue Leaders from hyper-growth companies and dives deep into the strategies they implement to drive growth and share their learnings through the process. Rosalyn brings you the most inspirational stories from revenue generators, innovators and disruptors, as well as Revenue Leaders in sales, marketing, and, of course, operations.

The Revenue Engine Podcast unpacks everything that optimizes and powers the revenue engine. Start your engines...

Episode 12: Accelerating the Revenue Engine with Kyle Lacy, CMO Lessonly

In this episode of The Revenue Engine Podcast, Kyle’s talks about his first start up, how he created a revenue engine at Lessonly, how he stays ahead of the game, and much more!

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Episode 11: Building a Winning Team with Stephanie Valenti, COO of Loftwall

In this episode, Rosalyn sits down with Stephanie Valenti, as she shares her journey from the restaurant business to sales, sales leadership, and then to her current role of Chief Operating Officer at Loftwall.

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#OpsTherapy 3: The Characteristics of a Great RevOps Leader

What characteristics does a great RevOps leader need to exhibit? In this episode, Rosalyn shares the skills and qualities required to be successful, and how these characteristics help drive the Revenue Engine!

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Episode 10: Accelerate Your Sales Velocity with Elay Cohen, Co-Founder of SalesHood

Tune in and try to keep up as Elay recounts his remarkable journey, from learning sales skills from his dad to VP of Sales Productivity at Salesforce, sharing lots of pro tips to fire up your revenue engine!

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Episode 9: How to Solve Ops and Customer Pain Points with Brad Smith, Founder of Wizard of Ops and CEO and Co-Founder of Sonar

You have to sympathize as Brad, CEO and Co-Founder of Sonar, shares how the fallout from a costly 'disaster', sparked the idea of Sonar, a system solving real problems in the revenue world. Sonar provides an understanding of tech stack integrations in real-time, empowering ops leaders to manage business-critical tech stacks from a single source of truth. It also lets you know before any changes break something! Tune in as Brad shares how they raised and used seed funding to accelerate the platform's growth.

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Episode 8: Solving Seller's Problems with Chris Rothstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Groove

Tune in as Chris shares his perspective on the evolution of sales engagement, his experience starting a business, and the importance of focusing on problems that matter to you, things you value, and your passion.

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Episode 7: From ABM to ABX with Jon Miller, Founder of Marketo

This week on the Revenue Engine Podcast, Jon Miller, Co-founder of global marketing automation platform Marketo and ABM software Engagio, and currently the CMO of Demandbase, talks with Rolsayn about his entrepreneurial journey, and his vision for marketing. Jon shares how he built a brand for his tech-platform, and worked incredibly hard to find a way to differentiate, in a category that already existed.

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#OpsTherapy 2: Driving Tech Stack Adoption

Rosalyn shares 8 Pro Tips to ensure your success when implementing a new system or tool and make sure the revenue team actually use it!

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Episode 6: The Secret Weapon for Scaling the Revenue Engine wih Steve Goldberg, CRO of SalesLoft

Join us in the latest Revenue Engine episode as Rosalyn and Steve Goldberg, the CRO of SalesLoft, discuss the importance of Revenue Operations when scaling the revenue engine.

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Episode 5: Why You Need a CRO to Drive the Revenue Engine with Warren Zenna, CEO of The CRO Collective

How do you know when to restructure and hire a Chief Revenue Officer? Still a relatively new role, the CRO structure, and responsibilities vary from company to company. Some may own the sales process end to end, whilst others only own net new acquisition.

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Episode 4: How to Turn Customers into Raging Fans with Udi Ledergor, CEO of Gong

Why is it that some companies experience hyper growth while others don’t? This week we get the opportunity to talk with Udi Ledergor, the CMO of Gong, who shares with us why being obsessed with your customer will accelerate growth.

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#OpsTherapy 1: Why the Revenue Engine, and who is Rosalyn Santa Elena

What is Revenue Operations, and why did Rosalyn Santa Elena decide to host this podcast? In today's episode, Rosalyn talks about where her career has taken her and why she decided to host The Revenue Engine Podcast.

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Episode 3: How to Scale Your Sales Engine with Kris Rudeegraap, CEO Sendoso

Growth and Scale don't occur because you are in the right place at the right time. Driving the revenue engine comes from creating the right culture with the right people and having the vision to make it happen. During this episode, Kris shares his story on how he scaled Sendoso by building a revenue engine.

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Episode 2: Defining Revenue Operations with Evan Liang, CEO & Co-Founder of LeanData

When I was asked to start the Revenue Engine podcast there were a handful of inspirational leaders that immediately came to mind. Given what I know about Evan and about LeanData, of course I reached out to him and asked him to be a guest!

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Episode 1: Product Differentiation and Customer Success with Manny Mendina, CEO & Co-Founder of Outreach

In our inaugural episode, Rosalyn is joined by the incredible Manny Medina — CEO and Co-Founder of Outreach. Outreach is a sales enablement company that is valued at over $1.3b — but it wasn't always that way...

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