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Sarah Appleby
Sarah Appleby
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As a learning professional who has spent 20 years creating learning programs, it’s confronting to read statistics like these:

“After one hour, people retain less than half of the information presented.

After one day, people forget more than 70 percent of what was taught in training.

After six days, people forget 75 percent of the information in their training.” Matt Bingham May 2017, Bridge, accessed 19 July 2021

But statistics like these are not new, they originated in the research conducted in the 1880s by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, which produced the famous Forgetting Curve - a visual representation of the way that learned information fades over time.

At Sales IQ, we understand why learning retention diminishes over time and in doing so we have created our Sales IQ Enablement Model to ensure we are doing our best to help our learners beat the forgetting curve and to develop high-performance habits.

On our platform, we bring together content from the best minds in sales to create blended learning experiences to help our learners be the best sales professionals they can be.

We have created engaging self-paced eLearning that is chunked into short and interactive modules that provide regular opportunities to challenge the learner’s memory and ability to recall key learning points, and we make sure the learning is made meaningful through case studies and application tasks that use tools and templates that also speed up the application of the learning back in the real world.  

The Research Institute of America found that eLearning increases retention rates 25% to 60% while retention rates of face-to-face training are very low in comparison: 8% to 10%. This is because with eLearning students have more control over the learning process as well as the opportunity to revisit the training as needed.

Our self-paced eLearning modules are then complimented with instructor-led webinars to ensure the learning is space out with regular opportunities for our learners to review and refresh their knowledge as well as address any challenges they may be experiencing putting their new knowledge into practice with the support of an expert and a community of learners.

We then go even further, by providing our learners with access to a network of Sales IQ Partners who provide coaching and consultation to further elevate their execution and the development of high-performance habits.

We also continuously publish an ever-growing library of webinars, podcasts and articles on our platform to act as learning boosters for our community of sales professionals.

In return, we ask our learners to maintain a growth mindset, set themselves meaningful goals and continuously invest in their ongoing learning and growth.

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Sarah Appleby
Sarah Appleby

Sarah produces learning experiences that delight learners using sound pedagogical principles and creativity while embracing advances in learning design and technology.

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