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Mindset Monday: Quality Over Quantity

November 15, 2021

The Sales IQ Podcast

Join us as host of the show Luigi Prestinenzi talks to thought leaders from around the globe about the art and science of sales and marketing, personal development, and the mindset required to sell more everyday. Luigi is a master of creating pipeline and breaking down targets, he specializes in helping sales professionals build the mindset to achieve greatness and #bethebestyoucanbe.

"Excellence is not an art. It's the habit of practice." - Aristotle

This podcast recently hit a milestone 150 episodes.

Reflecting on our back catalogue got Luigi thinking.

There's almost limitless of content available today to those who want to learn.

But humans are finite.

There's only so much any one person can apply in their day, week, month, year, and lifetime.

When there's always a shiny new thought to be following, does it take more discipline now than ever before to do the work to master the foundations of our craft?


Catch up on Episode 150 here.

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Luigi Prestinenzi
CEO & Co-Founder, Sales IQ
Luigi is Co-Founder and CEO of Sales IQ Global. He is highly regarded in the Learning and Development industry having lead major transformation projects with some of the world's most respected companies. He is also a recognized thought leader in the field of B2B selling.

[00:00:00] Luigi Prestinenzi: Welcome to Mindset Monday by the Sales IQ Podcast. I'm your host, Luigi Prestinenzi, and I'm here to help you be the best you can be. Everyone has a potential to be the best version of themselves they can be. Sometimes things prevent us from capitalizing on the awesomeness that's sitting dormant inside of you. This podcast is about helping you unlock that potential by focusing on one thing that can help you be the very best you can be.

"Excellence is not an art. It's the habit of practice." And that is a quote by the famous Aristotle. And why is that? My quote for this week? 'cause. I was recently listening to a sales IQ podcast episode one 50, and we brought together 10 of some of the most popular episodes that we've put to air. And after listening to all those episodes, I started to get lost into the content of as a sitting too, no, not lost in my own voice, but lost in the content and message that was being shared.

Well, the guests that are interviewing well, the things I've thought about this, I thought, man, I've got this incredible content, literally on my computer that I can listen to each and every day. To help me be the best I can be. But I think sometimes we kind of forget that we don't need a library of books.

We don't need a library of podcasts. We don't need a library of mentors to help us on that extra 1% in the journey of becoming the best we can be. Most of the time we've got what we already need. At our fingertips, but we don't take that opportunity to really immerse ourselves in that content and get the most out of the content that we've got available.

And that's my message for this week after hearing those episodes and half the hearing, the likes of Seth Godin and Brad Lea and Craig Ballantyne and Gabe Larsen. The myself, you know what? There's so many things that I can continue learning. That are probably haven't gone back to. I think it's easy for us to chase the shiny new object clear in front of us.

New things sometimes sound quite exciting, but it's in the habit of practicing and becoming a master of something. That allows us to differentiate in the markets that we serve. And we think about that in the markets that we serve now, mindset allows us to be that differentiating factor. And again, this is as much for this week.

Instead of chasing the new, focus on practicing what you already do know, try to continue to find more and more in the content you've already got access to because it's so much to learn in just one piece of content. And sometimes we drown ourselves in so much content. We actuallymiss the message in all the content.

And that's something that we can control. When we look at the circle of control outside of our control, there are so many things that we can control. And, you know, as I'm, as I'm thinking about 2022, because I've really been that time to think about my goals for next year and I have a long-term plan, but I'm kind of refining my goals and thinking what's important for me to achieve next year.

What, you know, if I was to look back, if I'm sitting there, you know, heading into December, 2022, One of the things that I want to be looking back on that I'll feel really fulfilled that I achieved. That's the way that I kind of goal set is I'm trying to go into the, into the future and look back and try to get that feeling of what it will be like for me to achieve a certain outcome.

And as I'm thinking about all those goals, and some of them could be materialistic goals because certain things that I wanna achieve, certain things that I want to touch. But I think the intangible goal that are really want to put out there and focus on is that power of habit is getting that discipline each and every day to focus on refining and tuning a particular skill or taking a particular piece of content and really owning it and becoming a master of that particular skill.

And I'm addicted to the craft. And, you know, you're listening to this podcast because you're probably looking for the. Somewhere in your sales and marketing career. Right. And I'm addicted to learning. Right. But I think sometimes the addiction for learning is I'm actually forgetting why I want to learn.

So as I wrap up this particular episode, I hope it inspires you to go back and listen to that episode 150, because it really does capture some key pieces of content from a bunch of episodes. But more importantly, I hope this really inspires you to think about practice. And what practice is really an opportunity to lay the foundations for you to build your success upon, to be the very best you can be.

Now, if this is a message that's resonated for you or someone, you know, needs to hear this, please like write and share this content or create this content to help you be the very best you can be.

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