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Welcome everyone to the first Mindset Monday of 2021. My Name is Luigi and I am the host of the Mindset Monday podcast by Sales IQ. If you haven't listened already, check out our awesome sales-focused podcasts to give you all the sales motivation you need to be the best sales professional you can be.  

Unleash That Sales Beast & Achieve Your Full Potential in 2021  

Everyone has the potential to be the best version of themselves. You are no different. You might have faced challenges in 2020 — we all did — but we can’t let these challenges stay in our way. If I can inspire just one person that reads this article to look inside themselves and tap into the awesomeness that’s lying dormant, then I’ve done my job.  

The idea of Mindset Monday is to help you unlock your full potential as a sales professional and getting you to focus on the one thing that can help you be the very best you can be.  

You were born to win — but to be a winner, you must plan to win.
Prepare to wine. Expect to win.  

Zig Ziglar.

I love this quote. For me, it really hits the mark. You have it inside you to make today the best day you’ve had yet. You were born to win.  

Just like you, I’ve got some big plans this year and I am so pumped to be kicking the year off in the right way. We can finally break the shackles of 2020.  

Learning Through Tough Times  

For many of us, 2020 was tough. It threw a bunch of challenges our way and it was an experience like no other. But, for some, they grew.  

We were forced to change throughout this period. There were hard days but then there were also some great days. We were really pushed outside our comfort zone. That is where the opportunity lies to really grow now, for me — outside the comfort zone.  

Avoid Burnout. Take the Time to Relax    

I took a couple of weeks off over the holidays because just as important as it is to hustle and grind, it's also so important to put your feet up watch a bit of Netflix, read a book, chill, go grab a pizza.  

I did all of the above and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I've taken my time to slowly get into 2021 (not because I'm not excited by it because Goddam I'm excited for what lies ahead this year!) but because sometimes you just need to take the foot off the accelerator before you press go and then go.  

Even though I took some time to chill and relax I've started the year with a very clear goal in mind and that's what this article of Mindset Monday is all about — setting the foundation for success.  

Setting the Foundation for Success  

Setting the foundation for success is about knowing the targets that you need to hit in order to be successful and exceed your sales goals this year. Whether you’re a sales professional, business owner, entrepreneur, or a marketer, it's absolutely fundamental that we know the metrics that are important to achieve success.  

And we’ve got to go right back to previous episodes of the Mindset Monday podcast here and say “don't worry about the outcome”.  

The outcome is not what we're looking for. It's not the focus every single day.  

Yes, the outcome is the ultimate goal.

But we have to break it down and ask ourselves:

  • “Okay, what is my sales target?”  
  • “How do I break those sales targets down into average deals?”  
  • “What are my average deals, what are they worth?”  
  • “How long do they take to close in order to get those deals in my pipeline?”  
  • “How many meetings do I have to have how many discovery meetings do I have to have?”  
  • “How many discovery meetings are going to turn into proposals?”  
  • “How many of those proposals are going to convert into sales and ultimately, how many conversations do I need to have to get discovery met?”  

These are the type of metrics I want you to break down because if you don't have those metrics essentially what you're doing is you're not allowing yourself the opportunity to manage your day properly and you can’t invest and manage your time where it needs to go.  

If the metrics above are new to you, then I can’t recommend the Create Pipeline Course enough. You’ll get a ton of value out of it and I think you’ll be surprised at how easy these concepts become and how well they can be applied in the real world.  

Your Sales Motivation Tips for 2021  

For me, I get motivated by the numbers and by the sales data. I can break it down into bite-sized chunks that are easy to understand and achieve. This is how I want you to be setting yourself up for this year is to take some time to look at your numbers.  

I don't care what anyone says or how they say that “sales is changing, it's not about numbers anymore, it's not about how many calls you make or how many proposals you do.”  

The reality is, at some point, those metrics are happening and they're happening everyday all the time.  

So, whilst I agree we shouldn't focus all our time on the data, the data does give you some really good insight into where you need to invest your time and be where you need to improve parts of your sales process.  


I really want you to think about this into two parts:  

  1. What is my ultimate objective for the year / what is my goal?  
  1. What is my sales target / metrics / sub metrics, the activity that I need to perform every single day. What are my non-negotiables that are going to allow me to achieve success?  

This is what it’s all about. Being a successful sales professional is all about knowing where you need to spend your time and where you need to be investing your time. The rest will happen.  

More Sales Motivation in the Next Mindset Monday  

In the coming episodes and articles of Mindset Monday, I’ll be talking to you about what you can do to develop your skills and how you can fine-tune and improve specific aspects of your sales process.  

Your most successful year yet awaits. You are holding 2021 right in the palm of your hands. It’s a long stretch of road with nothing on it where anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  

Once again, what are your goals and what metrics are you going to use to ensure you achieve that goal?  

Good luck with 2021! We live in a world of abundance. The opportunity is right in front of you.  

I believe in all of you and I thank you all for listening to our podcast and reading our articles. I'm committed to helping you be the very best sales professionals you can be and I can't wait to hear about all the success that you achieved this year and the outcomes that are important to you!  

I hope this message resonated with you, if you know anyone else that may need to read this or listen to our podcasts, please like, share and subscribe.  

See you on the next Mindset Monday!  



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