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Mindset Monday: Superhuman Traits We All Can Build

January 17, 2022

The Sales IQ Podcast

Join us as host of the show Luigi Prestinenzi talks to thought leaders from around the globe about the art and science of sales and marketing, personal development, and the mindset required to sell more everyday. Luigi is a master of creating pipeline and breaking down targets, he specializes in helping sales professionals build the mindset to achieve greatness and #bethebestyoucanbe.

"When you run into a wall don't stop and give up. Figure out how to climb it." - Michael Jordan.

Elite athletes can seem like a superhumans. A seperate race with innate abilities that propel them to achieve at levels the rest of us can only dream of.

But a study by the University of Portsmouth and the University of Bath examining common traits of super-elite athletes found seven commonalities that are surprisingly accessible to all humans.

From goal setting to confidence, in this episode Luigi breaks down how you can apply these seven superhuman traits in be the best you can be both in your sales career, and your life in general.


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Luigi Prestinenzi
CEO & Co-Founder, Sales IQ
Luigi is Co-Founder and CEO of Sales IQ Global. He is highly regarded in the Learning and Development industry having lead major transformation projects with some of the world's most respected companies. He is also a recognized thought leader in the field of B2B selling.

Welcome to Mindset Monday by the Sales IQ Podcast I'm your host, Luigi Prestinenzi and I'm here to help you be the best you can be. Everyone has a potential to be the best version of themselves. They can be sometimes things prevent us from capitalising on the awesomeness that is sitting dormant inside of you. This podcast is about helping you unlock that potential by focusing on one thing that can help you be the very best you can be.

"If you run in to a wall, don't turn around and give up, figure out how to climb it." That is a quote by the remarkable Michael Jordan. And why is zap my quote for this week? This is the first episode of Monday mindset for 2022. And why am I so excited about this particular episode? I think the start of every year, it's, it's a fresh, we have this fresh feeling it's reset.

We're starting again. It's kind of like you're reborn, you're reinvented. You have this level of any. And a level of enthusiasm about what's possible and what can be achieved in the year to come. If you're like me and you set some goals, you reflect on what worked well and you set some objectives, what you want to achieve this year or for the new year, not resolutions, but actual objectives, goals, things that matter.

With action steps. He'd be feeling pretty good about what's in front of us. Now I'm writing an a at the moment and able, combined SIM developing an ebook for my community to allow sales professionals, to really build that foundation to springboard, to be the very best they can be. Because as we've spoken before, have you heard me say these time and time again, mindset is what separates the high performers from everybody else.

But as I was writing this ebook, I stumbled across an article. I stumbled across a study. About the traits of an elite athlete, the traits of the Michael Jordans, the traits of the Christian Rinaldo. And I'm going to share those seven traits in this episode. And as you're listening to these traits, I want you to ask yourself a question are these traits that are superhuman, that are only designed for superhuman, people who do superhuman things, or are these traits that I can do?

I can control. I can execute each and every day. To be the very best I can be. Now let's have a look at these traits, these traits, and either smacking me in the face. I was getting this, his energy and enthusiasm and motivation. I was feeling great reading these traits going, yes, I can do exactly these things, but these elite sports people do.

So let's look at the first one Supreme concentration. Now that's probably the most, the biggest challenge that I have with them. The lack of focus and that's something that I've had to really, really, really work hard on, but that Supreme concentration is something elite athletes do very well. Their ability to get in the zone get really laser focused on a particular outcome.

So I want you to think about. And I want you to be asking yourself a question the past 12 months, how focused were you? Did you allow distractions? Did you allow notifications to kind of distract you when you were in something pretty date? Right. Because I think that the notifications email, all those things, there are ways for us to kind of get that focus and get that Supreme concentration in place.

So that's the first trait that was shared. The second was the commitment to excellence. This is awesome. This is about focusing on training and trying to improve every single day. Making sure that training is a part of the process doing the hard work before game days, being committed to being the best they can be.

I mean, this is, this is one trait that I think when you look at the best performing sales professionals, they are relentless in their pursuit of learning. They are relentless. Owning their own development. They don't leave it to other people. They don't put it to their managers. say I don't get coached the way I should be.

I don't get enough training from my enablement team. No, they own it. They've got the, if they need some help, they go and find it desire. Motivation is the next trait, regardless of the ups and downs, regardless of the, of the challenges, elite athletes encounter, they use it as fuel. They continue to move forward because they know that challenges are going to incur that there's going to be some barriers.

It's part of the process. They embrace, they embrace it. They're empowered by it. The next trait is that positive state of mind and optimism, just like the early one from a motivation perspective and getting that desire, they don't look at failure as an outcome. It's just part of the process. They use it as a learning and think about all the elite athletes.

You've heard Kobe Bryant talk about this. You've heard about the soccer players and the football players talk about this. They review game day tapes. They review it. Why? Because they need to see. You know what they could've done differently and then work on maybe some of their weaknesses to turn them in to a strength.

So this is a key part of the process that positive state of mind and being optimistic and always knowing that it's part of the journey. The other trait that elite athletes have is that confidence and self-belief believing in themselves and knowing that the outcome is not. Of that one game. It's knowing that they've put the hard work they're working every single day, they're doing what's required to get the job done.

That's what gives them confidence because it allows them to be competent at what they're doing. And one of the last trips, which was quite surprising for me was the relationships, building the relationships and support around them to really elevate them, to be the best they can be. So when you think about these.

We've just gone through seven traits. That elite athletes it's been the, this study identified elite athletes, all share these common traits. Think about that from a sales perspective, what are the trends? That you've just heard that you can do what that you can focus on. These are things, these are non skill related traits.

It's not like that. One of the traits was the, had this unique talent. These are all behavioral traits. These are all characteristics built around their mindset. So as you're starting 2022, as you really try to create that rhythm, that momentum to really propel you so that you can achieve the best outcome for yourself.

Think about those traits, ask yourself, what are some of those traits that may be, that you don't focus on? And how can you bring that into your, into your world so that it can allow you to be the very best you can be.

Now, if this is a message that's resonated for you or someone, you know, needs to hear this place like, rate, and share this. I create these content to help you be the very best you can be.

This episode was digitally transcribed.

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