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Digital Tools: Win the Complex Sale

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Mock up image of Win the Complex Sales package. Blue box on a light blue background with "Win the Complex Sale Package" written on it, along with the Sales IQ logo.

Pragmatic tools leveraging the RSVPselling™ framework for qualifying a deal and then managing risk across four key (RSVP) areas of Relationships, Strategy (politics and competitors), Value creation and Process alignment. This package of sales enablement tools provides an individual perpetual license to use regardless of employer or career change.

Portrait of Kevin Griffen.
HEAR FROM our customers

Tony worked with our sales organisation delivering training and was instrumental in us winning a contract in excess of $100 million. He is both inspirational and practical in providing clarity amidst the chaos of pursuing large complex enterprise opportunities.

Kevin Griffen
Managing Director, Australasia


What's included

Opportunity Management Tool

Tailor for your own environment to address the four key RSVP areas of risk. Identify the customer’s ‘why change and why now’ motivation and why they see you  as best value and lowest risk.

microsoft excel
Screenshot of the Opportunity Management Tool, which is an Excel spreadsheet.
Account Risk Management Tool

Tailor this tool for your own account management environment around the four key RSVP areas of risk for retention and growth.

microsoft excel
Screenshot of the Account Risk Management Tool, which is an Excel spreadsheet.
Buyer Profiler

Document the people who control and influence the buying decision. Identify their role within the power-base and their motivations and decision criteria.

microsoft word
Screenshot of the Buyer Profile asset, which is a Microsoft Word template.
Sales Call Planner

Planning your meeting with a customer is essential. This template caters to understanding who we are meeting with, setting the agenda, planning questions and de-briefing after the call or meeting.

microsoft word
Screenshot of the Sales Call Planner, which is a Microsoft Word template.
Mutual (Close) Plan

Create alignment with the buyer and seller processes and timing by creating a mutual success plan to de-risk the close and assure predictable joint success.

microsoft excel
Screenshot of the Mutual (Close) Plan asset, which is an Excel spreadsheet.

This tool package underpins RSVPselling™ a next generation selling methodology that using strategy as a way of thinking and delivering excellence in execution.

Find out more about RSVPselling™
Diagram. Circle with RSVPselling logo in the centre with a ring around the outside broken into four sections that flow into each other in a clockwise direction. 1. Relationships: Insight, Integrity, Influence. 2. Strategy, Competitive Differentiation. 3. Value, Unique and Compelling. 4. Process, Aligned with Customer.


Why choose Sales IQ?

As one of the largest SAP system integrators and applications transformation consulting organizations globally, we rely heavily on having tools that are simple to understand, use and that deliver immediate benefits. The RSVPselling™ and other methodologies from Tony and Sales IQ have been at the heart of us consistently delivering record results.
Brian E. Pereira
Head of Asia-Pacific, Japan, India and the Middle East HCL- AXON
I’ve used Tony’s sales methodologies and tools as head of sales or CEO in three international companies spanning more than a decade. Tony’s methodologies and tools have been pivotal in winning contracts in excess of $100M and transforming sales results.
Tim Cavill
Regional Managing Director Australasia at BT Global Services
Portrait of Tony Hughes

Meet the author
Tony J. Hughes

Tony is CEO and Co-Founder at Sales IQ Global. He has 35 years of corporate and sales leadership experience having generated record-breaking results as a salesperson, head of sales, and CEO leading the Asia-pacific region for multi-nationals. Tony is a best-selling author, consultant, trainer and keynote speaker.

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