CEO Sales Insights with Karen Beattie

What you'll learn

​CEOs have a unique perspective on what it takes to drive sales. In this episode, Tony talks with ​Karen Beattie, Managing Director and Founder, The Growth Faculty. Karen is self-confessed progress junkie with an inherent curiosity for learning from the people and things around her. Regularly working with some of the world's brightest mind, Karen has a wealth of knowledge to share.

​In the exciting CEO Sales Insights series best selling author and Co-Founder of Sales IQ Global Tony Hughes speaks to CEOs who share their insights. This look inside the C-Suite brings value for both senior executives looking to see how peers drive sales, and for aspiring sellers seeking to better understand how to engage with a CEO.


  • ​Their path to the C-Suite
  • ​Obstacles to driving sustained growth.
  • ​How they leverage team members
  • ​Their personal approach, tips, tricks, and mindset
  • ​What they love (and don't love) to see from sellers.


​US and Canada
Thursday December 2
1pm PST | ​ 3pm CST | 4pm EST

Thursday December 2
9pm GMT

Friday December 3
8am AEDT

​Can't make this time? We've got you covered! A recording will be sent to all registered attendees! 💥


​​45 Minutes


Managing Director and Founder, The Growth Faculty.

With over 20 years curating and producing events and content featuring business leaders like Jim Collins and Hilary Clinton to Brené Brown and Michael Gerber, Karen is the proud Founding MD of The Growth Faculty. Established in 2003, their promise is to deliver unparalleled learning opportunities to leaders and teams, particularly within the SME space.

Through The Growth Faculty, Karen has the privilege of living her personal mission daily; to provoke change and growth in business and people through industry-leading insights and powerful, considered connections. She loves nothing more than building relationships with authors, thinkers and speakers; offering them a platform to share their knowledge with audiences hungry for success.

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