CEO Sales Insights with Stephanie Christopher

What you'll learn

As CEO of one of the largest business mentoring organisations on the planet, Stephanie Christopher has heard the hum of the c-suite hivemind for the past decade.

So, her insights into how leaders really think pack more punch than your average executive.  

As CEO of The Executive Connection (TEC), Stephanie connects 1,000 senior executives from ANZ with more than 23,000 of their global counterparts via TEC's partnership with Vistage. Their one goal? To help their members significantly outperform their competitors.

In this episode of CEO Sales Insights webinar series, join best-selling author Tony Hughes as he has another illuminating conversation about life behind the wheel of leadership.

These visits behind the velvet rope provide insights for their executive peers, those trying to sell to them, and the people hoping to follow in their footsteps.

Something you might hear from Stephanie? The only two things she's seen needed for any business to succeed.


  • To find out what is really on the mind of senior executives.
  • Hear hard-won wisdoms, how-tos, and tips from the guest's career.
  • Insights into how an executive actually operates day-to-day.
  • Rare perspective for sellers, executive peers, and aspiring leaders alike.


45 Minutes


    CEO @ The Executive Connection

    Chief Executive Officer of The Executive Connection (TEC) across Australia and New Zealand, Stephanie Christopher is an accomplished business leader with over 15 years' experience in the corporate sector.

    Prior to TEC, Stephanie successfully guided CEB SHL Talent Measurement through extensive growth and global best practice initiatives as the ANZ Managing Director.

    Stephanie believes the key to success for any organisation is a true understanding of the importance of leadership and the talent needed to achieve its objectives.

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