Creating a Cold Outreach Cadence That Converts

What you'll learn

Ready to lay the groundwork for your healthiest pipeline ever? Join Joe Raphael ( and Luigi Prestinenzi (Sales IQ) in their masterclass webinar on supercharging your cold outreach cadences.

With more than 40 years industry experience between them, Joe and Luigi know dedication is at the core of every strong pipeline. And they want to make sure yours is generating you every meeting possible.


  • How many touch points you really need.
  • How to mix outreach channels in the right way, and at the right time, to maximise impact.
  • Pro tips and tricks for mastering each outreach channel.
  • Exactly how to put this all into practice, as you watch them live-build a cold outreach cadence in the platform.


​45 minute session + 15 minute audience Q&A


Head of International,

Joe is an articulate, highly resourceful, and transformational leader with 22 years of international experience. He has an exceptional ability to communicate and negotiate, as well as build meaningful client and key stakeholder relationships.

During his career he has consistently overachieved in revenue performance under challenging or evolving market and organisational conditions. He has a strong ability to quickly identify the operational efficiencies necessary to deliver sustained and profitable revenue growth.

Joe is currently an integral part of the team at (previously RingDNA),
an enterprise AI-powered communications platform. The company’s array of powerful, transformative and easy-to-use applications are consistently cited as the top solution for teams using Salesforce.
extends the power of your Salesforce cloud solution, empowering sales and support teams. This delivers dramatically increase productivity, engagement in smarter conversations, gaining predictive insight and coaching reps to success faster than ever before.’s many amazing customers include Amazon, Nutanix, Autodesk, Cvent, Lyft, SAP Concur and Twilio.

about the presenter

CEO & Co-Founder @ Sales IQ Global
Host @ The Sales IQ Podcast

Following a wildly successful B2B & B2C sales career in the Australian education industry, Luigi founded Sales IQ Global. Bringing together his life calling in sales and his passion for helping professionals he has now help thousands of sellers around the globe transform their sales.

A master of creating pipeline and breaking down targets, Luigi also specializes in helping sales professionals build the mindset to achieve greatness #BeTheBestYouCanBe.

Host of the highly-rated Sales IQ Podcast, Luigi is amassing a vast following who eagerly await each episode to tune into the knowledge shared by industry experts each week.

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