Revenue Operations Strategies for Driving Alignment

What you'll learn

A symbiotic team is a valuable but elusive goal for revenue functions, with teams lacking bandwidth or paths to work at working together. So how to you get revenue working as a single movement?  

In this webinar, Rosalyn Santa Elena (Carabiner Group, Revenue Engine) will be joined by Rhys Williams (Domestique), and Mallory Lee (Terminus) as they explore using strategy to decrease friction and draw revenue teams into natural alignment.  

Meet the panel

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Host @ Revenue Engine Podcast + Chief RevOps Officer @ Carabiner Group

As an advisor for several high-growth start ups on all things GTM and Operations, an active leader of Revenue Operations in multiple communities & platforms, a keynote speaker, and the host of The Revenue Engine Podcast, Rosalyn is on a mission to elevate the Ops function.

Rhys Williams

Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Domestique

Mallory Lee

VP Revenue Operations

Talks about #saas, #revops, #salesops, #marketingops, and #revenueoperations

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