Using MEDDICC to Increase Win Rates and Drive Predictable Revenue with Deal Qualification

What you'll learn

We're entering into what is the busiest & RISKIEST season for many sales teams... Q4. This is not only a time for winning deals, but also a time where surprises happen. New decision makers pop up, new conflicting priorities emerge, and unplanned holiday trips force us to push out many deals to Q1, if the deal happens at all.

Join us in this session as Meghann Misiak - Sales IQ Global partner, shares how to use the MEDDICC framework for Deal Qualification to ensure deals close & close on time. Let's make Q4 matter.


  1. How to prioritize your opportunities & spend more time on the deals that matter
  2. How to consistently win more deals by creating a "checklist" for every opportunity
  3. How to proactively identify & solve deal risks to ensure deals close in Q4


  • October 14th
    2pm PDT (US & Can)
    4pm CDT (US & Can)
    5pm EDT (US & Can)
    10pm BST (UK)
  • October 15th
    8am AEST (AUS)

​Can't make this time? We've got you covered! A recording will be sent to all registered attendees! 💥


  • ​45 Minute session
  • 15 Minute audience Q&A

about the presenter

Meghann Misiak is in the business of transformation. She enables B2B Sales Teams to consistently hit their revenue targets, improve their forecast accuracy, & scale their teams in the process.

Her background leading Go-To-Market Training & Enablement means that she has a deep focus on creating comprehensive training programs versus one-time training events. She leverages a combination of strategy, training, coaching, & enablement to deliver meaningful long-term results.

Meghann’s speciality is deal qualification. She helps organizations customize the MEDDICC framework to their unique sales environments & deeply integrate the frameworks within their sales tools to deliver real results while maintaining sales efficiency.

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